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Pu Jinhui "bestie" exemption from Chong Wa Dae Ban Ki-moon statement also traced the excavator break through the fence, straight up the steps to the high floor door. Figure IC East, South Korean President Park Geun hye cronies "intervention" event actress Cui Shunshi surveyed in October 31st in the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s office on the same day after the prosecution of emergency detention, prosecution intends to prove that Cui Shunshi’s suspicion and a warrant in 48 hours. To this end, prosecutors yesterday searched 4 banks related to Cui Shunshi. Park Geun hye "cronies" incident after exposure in the United States, the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in his hometown happened has remained silent. Yonhap reported on October 31st, Ban Ki-moon last week for a rare acquaintance statement, said he was "very concerned about the current political situation in South korea". According to the Xinhua News Agency – Dynamic prosecutors confiscated related financial business documents in November 1st morning, Cui Shunshi took the bus to the prison prosecution office, continue to accept inquiries. Cui Shunshi went to the central and local prosecutors’ office in Seoul on the afternoon of October 31st. Later that day, prosecutors decided to implement the emergency detention for her. According to South Korean law, prosecutors in the absence of an arrest warrant can be detained for up to 48 hours Cui Shunshi. Prosecutors said that within 48 hours to prove the suspect Cui Shunshi and apply for arrest warrant. The emergency detention, because prosecutors believe that the Shunshi Cui denies all the suspects, the possibility of destroying evidence. But, before she fled overseas, at home and not living in the household, there is no fixed residence, it may have fled. Third, she is very emotional instability, if released, there may be unexpected circumstances. Cui Shunshi now faces the suspicion of a number of 10, prosecutors investigating whether she will focus on two non-profit foundation privatization, review the Chong Wa Dae confidential documents and improper means to make the woman admitted to the Ewha Womans University zheng. 1, 2009, South Korean prosecutors raided the office of the Bank of and Cui Shunshi, to verify whether she has illegal use of funds. She is believed to have received special treatment for loans and other financial services. Investigators confiscated a number of documents on Choi’s financial business. The house was searched the bank, Standard Chartered Bank of Korea Woori Bank branch, Shinhan bank and KB bank. On the same day, prosecutors searched the right-hand man Cui, well-known advertising director Che Yinze (sound) of the company. The car yinzhe believed improper government intervention and cultural projects. Cui Shunshi was exempt from Chong Wa Dae South Korean media reports, February 2013 in Chong Wa Dae Park, Cui Shunshi had frequent access to Chong Wa Dae, and do not accept the security. However, Cui Shunshi did not hold any public office, and did not undergo a security review. In addition, Cui Shunshi also traced to the use of the office of the president of the vehicle. In November 1st, a reporter asked in an interview with the Chong Wa Dae Chong Wa Dae spokesman Zheng Ranguo provide the relevant import record of Chong Wa Dae Shunshi cui. Zheng Ranguo responded that if the relevant information does not violate security regulations, Chong Wa Dae will cooperate with the investigation. He also said: "for the country, I hope everyone in the The case is entirely cleared. to stay cool." The stage director Li Yuanzhong said the Secretary Qingwa questioned by Congress last month: "I have never seen Cui Shunshi to Chong Wa Dae,"相关的主题文章: