Queensland, Australia, overseas investment tax adjustment part of the new regulations may be exempte winflash

Australia Queensland overseas investment tax exemption – new regulations to adjust the part of Beijing Chinese overseas network on 19 September, according to the Australian "new Express" reported that the Australian government of Queensland decided to adjust to for overseas investors for the new tax policy, increase the number of exempt provisions, real estate committee welcomed. According to Australia Broadcasting Corporation, Queensland’s finance minister Curtis Pitt announced that from 10 months, if the overseas investment projects are "major development projects", do not have to pay an additional fee of $3%. Major development projects, namely the development of overseas investment projects include at least 50 residential plots, if the project can bring significant benefits to the local, you can get tax exemption. Chris, the head of the real estate committee, is still opposed to the new tax surcharge on Mountford, but the decision to grant exemptions is welcome. Chris Mountford said that the real estate association does not support in any region of Queensland or Australia, for overseas residential investment surcharge, will still adhere to this view. He said that Queensland’s finance ministers are taking measures to ensure that developers can provide the necessary housing and jobs in Queensland, the policy adjustments will be improved. Queensland shadow finance minister Scott Emerson accused Curtis Pitt finance capricious. He said that in 2015 the finance minister said he would not raise taxes on foreign investors or set up a new tax, but he broke his oath. Tax exemptions are now available, but the final plan has not yet been determined, and the administrative budget may eventually be higher than the tax received.相关的主题文章: