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Rely on what impress investors? – Sohu technology all entrepreneurs, especially early entrepreneurs, have thought about such a problem: how to impress an investor? You have to convince investors about investment, piles of cheats, even someone invented a word called: lift financing speech, said that in just a few minutes to their business plan described clearly, to seize the attention of investors, and therefore investment. In fact, there is only one of the most reliable: that is, you want to engage in a deep understanding of the field. Paul Graham is the founder of Silicon Valley’s most successful incubator. He said: "we asked a series of questions, if the other side can open the mouth to answer, that he has a deep understanding of the field, which is a good signal. In addition, simplicity is very important, if you really understand one thing, just a few words can be clearly described, rather than a long and minute statement." Here is the core of your understanding of the industry to be deep enough, and the performance is sufficient enough to be able to use the most concise language to express the understanding of three points. Blue Fox once said that the degree of a product is directly proportional to the degree of product managers to understand the needs of users. In the same way, the more concise the description of the entrepreneurial project, the more you understand the nature behind. At the same time, particularly good entrepreneurial ideas, often do not look at the beginning. Who can understand the fly, to achieve a big unicorn, to lay down their prejudices, with particular attention to the idea of not fly: good ideas tend to sound like bad ideas. When Facebook starts, just a social index of Harvard students, like amateur students, no imagination; when Google starts, the market has a number of leading, about 8 to 10 well-known search engines, and the search was also a popular project, when years of flourishing is portal website. But the opportunity is always hidden in these humble projects, if it is popular, who can understand, then even if there is a chance, it will not be a big opportunity. If you are a great opportunity for hunters, whether you are investors or entrepreneurs, do not care too much about whether your entrepreneurial ideas are good ideas, but to find a breakthrough from the user’s needs. Good things often happen when you find them. Of course, the unicorn is a unicorn, is scarce, more cases, can not successfully break through. This is why most people prefer to choose the doctrine of the mean. Although the mean return is not high, but can be expected, low risk. If you are a high risk character, take the risk of digging more unreliable ideas. (author: Blue Fox notes, WeChat No. ID:lanhubiji)相关的主题文章: