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Reservoir discharge North Honghu million tons of sturgeon aquaculture escape or cause ecological disasters Yangtze River aquatic facing an ecological disaster? In September 20th, the Ministry of agriculture (the Yangtze River fishery supervision and Management Office Office of Ministry of agriculture of the Yangtze River) relevant responsible person told the surging news from Qingjiang (), (a tributary of the Yangtze River Cascade Hydropower Station Spillway), Hubei Province, Changyang, Yidu area of nearly 10000 tons of cage foreign sturgeon, hybrid sturgeon fish escape, these sturgeon has now spread to the Yangtze River downstream, Dongting Lake, Poyang Lake, where is where. The scope of diffusion is very large, which may have disastrous effects on aquatic life and ecology of the Yangtze river." The responsible person said, the Ministry of agriculture office has organized many Yangtze River aquatic experts of Qingjiang sturgeon escape incident and ecological impact assessment. Changyang Qingjiang Geheyan Hydropower Station Dam for the first time in 18 years, the Yangtze River Fisheries Research Fellow flood escape in the Yangtze River sturgeon over all the fish in the survey of Chinese Fisheries Research Institute of Ministry of Agriculture Key Laboratory of freshwater biodiversity conservation Director Wei told the surging news, the number of these escape foreign sturgeon, hybrid sturgeon large, may be more than the biomass of fish in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in sum, far more than a wild population of Chinese sturgeon. The investigation report of the surging news obtained show that the escape of alien sturgeon including Heilongjiang sturgeon (Shi Shixun), Siberia, daour huso sturgeon, Acipenser schrenckii and hybrid sturgeon etc.. Wei said: "in nature, the fish (Spermophilus huso sturgeon, Siberia sturgeon, Heilongjiang), not to the river. The fish size large, originally living in Heilongjiang, it is carnivorous, can directly eat other fish. In addition, once the foreign population they will form the sturgeon, with the Yangtze River ‘native’ fish, grab food, land grab, occupy the Chinese sturgeon and other native fish in the ecological environment, or even replaced." A mountain can not be accepted, to seize the original fish in the ecological environment where the "niche", is one of the most common forms of biological invasion. "The great feat example, Hanyuhe and culter are carnivorous fish. A reservoir, once the number, will not have culter, and vice versa. Wei worry that the same thing will happen in the Yangtze River sturgeon fish body. There are 300 kinds of indigenous fish in the Yangtze River (the other is more than 400), each species has its own "niche" (ecological niche), unique and nonoverlapping. Those who escape to the river outside what would be the impact on the Yangtze River sturgeon indigenous fish, which will affect fish populations "niche" and thus bring the risk of biological invasion? This is a matter of concern. The ferocious way across the river in the peak breeding cage or hundreds of mouth with sturgeon hybrid genes due to pollution etc. in addition, the Wei is worried about gene pollution. The local sturgeons including Chinese paddlefish, Chinese sturgeon and Chinese sturgeon three. In recent years, with the development of sturgeon aquaculture industry, aquaculture due to escape, causing some kind of disordered foreign sturgeon released into the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River in the local population of sturgeons caused ecological effects. "These exotic sturgeon and Chinese sturgeon hybrid may, resulting in pure.相关的主题文章: