Residential property management Laolai is how to crack the new network – in e2140

Residential property management "Laolai" is how to crack the new network in Kunming Xinhua news agency Xinhua: November 1 new residential property management difficult — "Laolai" is how to crack the Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Yan, Ding Yiquan, strong words dozens of security in the cell door lined up, the other more than and 10 security isolation across the road. This is the recently occurred in Kunming Jiangdong Flower District of new and old Property Management Company confrontation scene. In recent years, similar events in the country and more frequent, old Wuguan often refused to leave and frequent "strokes: the security barrier, fails to form a handover procedures, on-site strong property charges…… The refused to evacuate the Wuguan "Laolai", residential property owners and even government departments often do. Professionals suggest that the need to solve the problem of innovative management approach, while improving the relevant laws and regulations and market exit mechanism. Wuguan disputes: want to say you don’t change easily built since 2003, Jiangdong Huacheng District, Kunming Longquan Property Services Group Limited is responsible for residential property management. "Well done at the beginning, after 2008, the quality of service attitude and quality decline, health is not as good as before, residential surveillance system damage paralysis, theft continued in the district." Residential owners Ms. Zhang said. In addition, the property rental Club privately, unauthorized increase parking fees also make many owners dissatisfied. In June 2016, Longquan Jiangdong Huacheng Industry in firing property, hiring strength of Yunnan Property Services Limited for the new wuguan. Jiangdong Huacheng Industry Authority director Jin Ou said: "at 0:00 on October 1st, and Longquan residential property contract expires, shall be borne by the strength of the property over, but the Longquan property go." In October 11th, Kunming Panlong District Housing Construction Bureau issued an executive order, ordered the Longquan property in October 17th, according to industry authority property services to carry out the handover. However, Longquan did not withdraw from the property, and to the Kunming Municipal Housing Construction Bureau administrative reconsideration. Longquan property manager Jia Zusheng said, get a reasonable solution before Longquan property does not exit in the dispute. New and old Wuguan Jiangdong Huacheng dispute is not isolated cases, a similar incident in Guangzhou, Chongqing, Nanjing and other places have repeatedly occurred, which are extreme cases. 2014 New Year’s day, Shanghai Datang prosperous garden district, the old and new Wuguan handover when the two sides confront each other, an old property management company’s staff rushed to the new material tube lined crowd, resulting in 2 dead and 6 injured. In recent years, the property complaints and disputes have multiple trends. Sichuan Provincial Commission for the protection of consumer rights released this year, the 2015 annual report on the consumer satisfaction index, the quality of service satisfaction ranked among the top third consumer service. Yunnan Province, the first half of this year, the province’s Industrial and Commercial Bureau association organization to receive complaints analysis shows that property complaints are significantly increased, the "housing decoration and property services category of complaints of the number of the first half of 2015 a total of 59 parts, the first half of this year increased to 158. Where is the difficulty? Three threshold is not a good reporter survey found that the reality of the existence of the three threshold, resulting in the replacement of Wuguan is not easy. First, the owners group unified industry difficult to produce, resulting in many areas has not replaced wuguan. South.相关的主题文章: