Samsung issued a statement on battery fuel loss and will not adopt double standards for China-synnex

Samsung battery burning loss statement not Samsung battery loss statement of China not burning a double standard by September 29th newspaper Beijing news reporter Qin Haibo reported on Chinese double standards: the recent Note7 recall and burning loss events, Chinese Samsung said in a statement today, the official sales Chinese the state line version of Note 7. Is used with overseas in September 2nd announced the recall of products of different suppliers of battery products, at the same time, the domestic and international certification and the three party independent research organization analysis, can ensure the safety and reliability of the product. Samsung Electronics attaches great importance to the Chinese market and has never and never will adopt double standards for china." China Samsung Electronics responsible person said. According to the introduction, in the Note 7 before officially listed, China Samsung through cover music world community and other channels, to old change new ways to provide consumers with 1858 sets of test machine experience. Because the test experience machine uses the same battery that needs to be recalled in the United States and South Korea, there may be potential risks. China Samsung Electronics initiative to the relevant state departments for record, in accordance with the global standard for recycling and replacement. So far, most of the test machines have been withdrawn, and the rest of them are continuing to communicate with users. At present, the new Note 7 products replaced in overseas markets also use batteries provided by the same suppliers as the national version. So far, more than 1 million of the world’s consumers, including 150 thousand Chinese consumers, are using it. "Because we do not have a detailed description of the product safety, bring puzzled, troubled and troubling to you, we express our sincere apologies to consumers." China Samsung Electronics responsible person said. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

三星就电池燃损发表声明 不会对中国采用双重标准   三星就电池燃损发表声明 不会对中国采用双重标准   本报北京9月29日讯 记者秦海波报道:就近期发生的Note7召回及燃损事件,中国三星电子今天发表声明称,在中国正式销售的国行版Note 7,采用的是与海外9月2日宣布召回的产品完全不同的供应商提供的电池产品,同时经过国际和国内的检测认证及第三方独立研究机构的分析,可以确保产品的安全性与可靠性。“三星电子非常重视中国市场,从未且永远不会对中国采用双重标准。”中国三星电子有关负责人表示。   据介绍,在Note 7正式上市前,中国三星电子通过盖乐世社区等渠道,用以旧换新等方式提供给消费者1858台测试体验机。由于测试体验机采用了与美国、韩国市场相同的需要召回的电池,可能存在潜在风险。中国三星电子主动向国家有关部门备案后,按照全球统一标准,进行回收更换。目前为止,已经收回了绝大部分测试体验机,剩余部分还在持续与用户沟通联络中。   目前在海外市场更换的全新Note 7产品,同样采用了与国行版相同的供应商所提供的电池。迄今全球包括15万中国消费者在内的超过100万的消费者都在使用。“由于我们没有对产品安全性进行细致的说明,给大家带来不解、困扰和不安,我们向广大消费者表达真诚的歉意。”中国三星电子有关负责人表示。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: