Sanya to carry out pilot work to promote the freedom of the pilot tourists self guided tour c

Sanya tour guide to carry out to promote the freedom to practice   pilot work; independent tourists about "guide" – Travel Channel original title: Sanya to carry out the pilot work to promote the freedom to practice guide tourists about independent "guide" in August 10th to explain the scenic tour guide, seize the summer tail, Ms. Xing from Zhejiang Hangzhou, a family of 5 to travel to Sanya. Ms. Xing before the trip has been arranged tickets, hotels, car rental, scenic spots and other tourism elements. Four days three nights Sanya tour, family fun, Ms. Xing in satisfaction also regret: what things are by themselves to make arrangements, while reassuring but also very tired heart. If you have a tour guide to do some lively introduction, the feeling of participation will be better, this trip will be more perfect. In May this year, the National Tourism Administration in Sanya, including more than the country to start the online and offline guide free pilot work. In August, Sanya through the "Sanya city tour to promote the freedom to practice the implementation of the pilot scheme", Sanya said, will establish a public service platform and appointment supervision tour guide service platform, to meet the personalized needs of tourists, and to broaden the channels of tour industry, promote the realization of tour guides and tourists two-way choice. Travel Agency: labor cost reduction, preferential free practice pilot work for customer service in Sanya to carry out online and offline guide, means that the future visitors can directly through the network platform, scenic area (spot) booking guide service, no longer need to travel this ring, breaking the traditional mode of travel agency "to provide accreditation guide service". "Season group tour guide is not enough, the off-season small group could not afford the tour guide, it is many years’ troubled travel agency’s ills.". Guide free practice, reduce labor costs, operating pressure becomes smaller, but also according to the needs of tourists, the ability to choose a strong, good service guide for tourists to provide services, travel agencies can enhance the image and reputation." Sanya Ctrip international travel service, general manager Zhang Yang said. Good policy can effectively landing is the key. Zhang Yang said, how to make the appointment of tour guide service platform, monitoring platform, and let the tourists arrived in Sanya before they understood the concerns of the relevant platform, Sanya need to be solved in guide free practice problems in the process of pilot work. Tour guide: licensed channels more widely, high-quality service to win free tour guide pilot practice, promote system reform, the purpose is to make more guides can unfettered freedom, to a new stage, and tourists dance happy journey. Accordingly, in this stage, the ability of the tour guide, the service is good or bad, through the evaluation of tourists and the market will be able to test at a glance. As a famous tourist destination in Sanya and abroad, the tourist demand of tourists is becoming more and more diversified. The free practice of tour guides can be more flexible and more professional to provide services for tourists, broaden the channels for the practice of tour guides, increase employment opportunities. Especially in the background of global tourism, the tour guide’s work is not just a simple explanation of a scenic area or the city name card." National senior tour guide Li Yongquan said, in this context, as a guide must constantly improve themselves, and strive to improve their level of interpretation and quality of service相关的主题文章: