See also the students show off their wealth money on you! Sohu –

See also the students show off their wealth: money on you! Sohu with some small software, maternal and child live video of the popular software, more and more people to participate in these 00 platforms, some time ago have primary makeup, video show pupils extremely popular on the network, recently, a Hebei girl fire. She in turn show the hands of items quotation in the video, but also with a coin camera, called "death with money you!" Also, many people watch the video insulting, Toshiba the true strength of wealth "at the same time, also to the girl’s perception to worry about money. The concept of money for the child’s growth is very important, the lack of a correct concept of money is very difficult to establish a correct outlook on life, the children never show off their wealth "behind the video reflected only vanity and curiosity, but also reflects the lack of family education for children. Help children to establish a correct view of money, from an early age! First, let the child have a small child know when we should let him know the different denominations of money for money, can prepare a piggy bank for him, teach him to save his money coins, saw a bit of accumulated. When you grow up, take him shopping, let him know the price, understand the value and usefulness of money. Two, the habit of saving money except from accumulated coins, the children grow up, save money slightly more, can take him to the bank to open an account, let him know where the money is stored. It is recommended that he set a goal for himself, how much money each stage, can be used to buy what they want. Three, to help children pocket money management can not spend money for fear that the child would not let him touch the money, can not say how much to give, give children pocket money in order to let him learn to manage money, instead of showing off or vanity. When his pocket money is limited to learn how to make a choice, parents can teach him how to make a choice, such as what they want according to the degree of importance and want to turn out, in order to save money to buy slowly, let him know that money is unable to meet all desires, so he will learn slowly guide their own choice. Pictures from the network to provide quality medical doctors Dudu online health services for the incubation period of family, pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum open equipment, 0~3 years old baby related health open class, can also turn a key three doctor telephone, let pregnant and parenting more simple.相关的主题文章: