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Arts-and-Entertainment Architecture, it is an art and science of planning, designing and constructing the buildings and other physical structures. It requires the creative mind and coordination of material, technology to turn design on paper to live one. The concept of designing came in Classical Renaissance and since then it has been changing. An architect plans, designs and reviews the development of structure by creating .position of .ponents like mass, space, volume, form etc. There are many job opportunities erupting in the architecture sector and students with creative mind willing to define something of their mind are inclined towards this. Considering the interest of students, colleges in India are offering courses in this field. Some of the top architecture colleges in India are: Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University, Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, Regional Institutes College of Architecture, BKPS College of Architecture etc. Architecture as a profession is very unique as .pared to other fields. It requires mixture of knowledge, creative mind and expertise. A career in this field is bright and lucrative as it opens many doors of opportunities towards a successful professional life. There are two main reasons for selecting this field. First one is that an individual gets to speak his/her mind while being innovative and resourceful. Another thing is that is a vast field with many branches. It includes .mercial buildings, house designs, townships and many more. Top architecture colleges in India are providing the best study. The construction industry is dynamic. It is reaching new heights everyday. This profession is emerging as a craze among youths. Apart from the creativity, this profession also requires flexibility, team spirit, patience and a logical perception of people, places, objects and events. Jobs in Architecture are available in different fields like the Railways, Public Works Department (PWD), Post and Telegraph etc. Some of the positions in this profession are Architects, Interior designers, Site Incharge, Project Manager, Design Manager, CAD Executive, Senior manager etc. Jobs in architecture are not only concerned with designing building and other structures but also making them secure and economical. Every year voluminous investment have been in the real estate sector and so is increasing the demand for construction and architecture experts. Earlier, the scope of architecture in India was limited but it has grown drastically due to the boom in construction industry. Unfortunately the number of architects have not grown as much as they are needed which resulted in a huge gap between their demand and supply. Architecture is an immensely .petitive field and has bright prospects in .ing future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: