Shanghai Buynow store gold in Shanghai International Plaza opened next month (video) wetnwild

Pacific Digital Plaza and Bainaohui Shanghai Buynow store gold in Shanghai International Plaza opened next month in Xujiahui, was one of the largest digital city in East China, but with the format obsolete, "buy a computer to Xujiahui" has gradually become history. Out of the format, the confusion management, also make Xujiahui digital industry have been repeatedly criticized. Reporters learned that, along with the upgrading of Xujiahui smart shopping district, the traditional digital format will usher in a new. After the Pacific Digital and Bainaohui Meiluocheng closed shop, located in the gold International Plaza Shanghai Buynow store put into trial operation at the end of September, October 14th officially opened. The new digital city will implement the "one shop", change the past shops scattered management activities, eliminate the phenomenon of cheating. Buy a computer problems, businesses will also implement the first payment". Buynow only one digital city and only a short while ago, the Pacific Bainaohui two digital giants jointly created a "buy a computer to the history of Xujiahui". In the golden age of digital formats, Pacific Digital development a period and the two period, have also opened a shop Bainaohui Meiluo, Xuhui shop, Pudong shop three stores. With the changes in the market and consumer demand, the traditional digital format is no longer adapted to the development of the new era, Xujiahui shopping district has also ushered in the transformation and upgrading, digital formats bear the brunt. Pacific Digital two demolition, Xuhui Buynow store at the beginning of closed transformation, Bainaohui Meiluocheng store will also withdraw in October this year. Prior to April, business for the past 9 years, Pudong Buynow store also chose out of business. Digital format really want to withdraw from Xujiahui? The answer was No. Reporters learned from the relevant departments of Xuhui District, the Xujiahui smart district transformation plan, digital format will also be technology, intelligent direction of transformation and upgrading, rather than all clear. Reporters yesterday in Xujiahui to see the new gold International Plaza, computer city is currently in the decoration work. To promote the curtain over the door erected in front of right and left the two golden lamp, which is covered with hollowed out "1010" code. According to the person in charge of Miss Sun, hope the Meiluocheng Bainaohui instead of "ball" has become a landmark in Xuhui District, there will be occasional street performers on, reflect the art and combined to science and technology, intelligent transformation of ideas. The reporter also confirmed from the side after Bainaohui Bainaohui, Merro stores closed, Xindian district will be officially opened on October 14th. Bainaohui general manager operations center Chen Xuewen said that before the Xuhui Shanghai Buynow store shop into Meiluocheng and only separated by a wall. Shanghai store area of 20000 square meters, the overall cost of $150 million. To science and Technology Plaza as the location, open a new model of smart shopping experience. At the same time, the proportion of Bainaohui format adjustments have been made, the IT industry accounted for 34%, intelligent technology and gaming related industry accounted for 30%, accounting for 36% of food and beverage, completely breaking the traditional IT mode digital mall. "One product and one shop" to eliminate the traditional digital city of cattle are mixed together on various brands of computers, to take the form of decentralized stalls operating mode. The same brand has a number of agents, the price is uneven. This also caused a computer soliciting cattle phenomenon, different cattle will pull to different guests)相关的主题文章: