Shenmao railway or the year after the opening of Shenzhen’s high speed rail direct to Nakayama Shige

Shenmao railway or the year after opening the first railway of Shenzhen to Nakayama Shige’s direct access to high-speed rail connecting the Pearl River Delta and western Guangdong Yangjiang, Maoming — Jiangmen Shenmao railway construction progress to Maoming news. September 19th, the Maoming section of the 1000th sections of the T railway successfully completed the erection, in order to ensure the opening of the section of the river in 2018 laid the foundation. Shenmao railway is an important part of China’s coastal high speed rail corridor, the line length of 388 km, from Shenzhen north station, and finally to the Maoming East Railway Station, two building. Jiangmen, a section of the first phase of the project a total length of 266 km, passing through Jiangmen, Yangjiang, Maoming, the city of the city, with a total of 15 stations, the design speed of 200 km per hour (). In June 2014 the first phase of the project started since the end of March this year, the rapid progress of the project, beginning girder, in late July has begun laying, is expected to completed in 2018. Then through the Maozhan railway linking Maoming and Zhanjiang, the Guangzhou Zhuhai railway, Guangzhou Zhuhai intercity railway between Guangzhou and Jiangmen, the Guangzhou Shenzhen high-speed rail link Shenzhen and Xiamen Shenzhen high-speed rail and the southeast coastal railway connected by. According to the China Railway twenty-five Bureau, a company responsible person, Jiangmen railway to Maoming section of the bridge design, the total length of 87.8 km, the need to set up a simple support T beam of 9772. China Railway twenty-five bureau undertook a task sixth, Jiang Mao set up 7, 8 marked three sections totaling 54 bridges, including large bridge 19, bridge 28, bridge 7, a total of 5352 pieces of T beams erection. The company official said: "in order to speed up the progress of the girder, we carried out 24 hour shifts every day to work, set up 12 pieces of T beams. The completion of the bridge section of Maoming bridge in Tsaoling, Sha Lang River Bridge, has successfully completed the task of erecting 1000 beams." Shenmao railway eastern section of the Shenzhen to Jiangmen section has not yet started. September 14th Shenzhen city and Guangzhou Railway Group will accelerate railway construction in Shenzhen signed a cooperation framework agreement, the two sides will work together to accelerate the "Shenmao railway project opened to the West Bank of the Pearl River channel strategic direction of Shenzhen formation in Shenzhen," south north end, East West, interconnection hub layout. "Two Shenmao railway project planning, Shenzhen east station, via Shenzhen, Humen, Guangzhou, Dongguan Airport North of Nansha, Zhongshan arrived in Jiangmen. However, due to the need to cross the sea, complex technology, engineering investment and other reasons, the two phase of the project has not yet started. Shenzhen city and Guangzhou Railway Group signed a cooperation framework agreement, the two sides will accelerate the construction of Shenzhen to Jiangmen section Shenmao railway. The two stage Shenmao railway project is completed, from Shenzhen to Zhongshan, Maoming, Zhanjiang and other western regions to take the high-speed rail to.相关的主题文章: