Shenzhou car network in response to the new car no effect about shdoclc.dll

Shenzhou car network in response to the new car about: no effect on 8 October,, recently, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, the relevant departments issued about car rules, development of network about cars made specification. Details of the network about the vehicle driver qualification and qualification to make specific provisions, including in the city of Beijing for "network booking taxi driver card" driver, to meet the conditions of residence in the city, Shanghai about Shanghai, Shanghai brand car needs. Shenzhen network about the driver of the car to hold the city’s household registration or effective residence permit Shenzhen special economic zone. In this regard, Shenzhou car said, Beijing Shanghai and other places of the net about car draft had no effect on the Shenzhou car, the Beijing Shanghai network about car drivers must hold local household registration requirements are too strict. China said in response: First: Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other areas of the introduction of the network about the car policy management documents relative to the Ministry of communications is the way to make the appointment of the vehicle management approach. Second: the relevant network about cars and the local refinement of the policy has no effect on the Shenzhou car. Third: Beijing and Shanghai network about the new draft of the bill requires the local people to become a net about car driver, this policy is too harsh. Recommendation: focus on "AI generation" micro signal (tencentAI), reply "Standford", access to the Stanford University report: 2030 artificial intelligence and Life Report Download link.相关的主题文章: