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Sing at home as the scene? Samsung GalaxyC9Pro let you play and sing – tech Sohu scoop November 8th news: love singing do? About 35 friends go to KTV "at the top of my voice", or in the bathroom impassioned self absorbed? But all of this, how to meet the time to sing the song of God, busy friends? The price is too high, the pressure of life already heavy for a full sleep is a luxury behavior, most people can only use the national karaoke sing, music social APP. When you sing in the APP to solve the problem of the "song" friends singing, portable hardware limitations became a big problem: the monotonous sound accompaniment, awkward sound effect, let the music fans at a loss. Faced with this situation, the Samsung C series of the latest models — Galaxy C9 Pro boast the world out of the main music entertainment, real time, U ears back original, dual speaker design, let you want to sing, then "song" friends don’t trouble, for all music lovers to create the ultimate music machine hand experience. Real ear back seconds back music scene C9 Pro and Samsung Galaxy sing, APP national K depth cooperation, realize the real-time mobile phone karaoke back ear function, let K can restore the true mobile phone site, to achieve the optimal karaoke experience. The so-called real ear back, many professional singers appeared in concert, the real ear back, who can real-time monitor their voice is out of tune, but also can directly hear accompaniment, prevent site lead singer heard the tune accompaniment delay and other issues, the specificity is very high. Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro will be a professional technology transfer to the mobile phone, open the Galaxy C9 Pro, wearing a headset, point bar, National Concert karaoke APP, headset is not only in the accompaniment of the sound, but also can hear your voice, singing in the KTV to restore the true feeling, accurate grasp of rhythm and the tone, in the home also can experience the carefree singing, professional sound environment. At the same time let their own experience to enhance the use of the same time, Galaxy C9 Pro real-time ear back can also help users to exercise their singing skills, the future of the KTV you will be the absolute protagonist. U Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro original theauditoryfeast uses a dual speaker design, are located in the bottom and the top mobile phone handset position, perfect the dual loudspeaker to create surround sound. Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro also uses HiFi+U original design C series has always been amazing, equipped with a professional hardware decoder chip +AdaptSound software solution for headset is optimized, LR level output level control channel can be tuned by, let two ear volume closer. Not only is the local music, online music can also restore the real sound, to achieve the most high-definition music scene, so that you can enjoy the music on the phone a hearing experience, follow the rhythm of the music world tour. In addition to the main music entertainment features, Galaxy C9.相关的主题文章: