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A smile can be more beautiful Shiseido international brand new plastic face Brightening Cream – Sohu   afraid to smile about relaxation, those moments away from full smile. When you smile, the mouth is no longer filled with light and warm, but hesitate and burden. With the passage of time, although the smile, the mouth has lost the beauty of the rise. SHISEIDO Shiseido international tells you that your smile can be more beautiful!   the most beautiful smile in the history of mankind – "Monalisa’s smile", her mouth to the lip of the lower edge of the angle of just 18°. So 18° is also considered the most perfect smile angle. SHISEIDO Shiseido international survey found that skin aging problems will grow with age chain reaction to accelerate the deterioration, thus losing the perfect skin of young and clear contours of the compact. Smile angle will also gradually collapse, thus lose the confidence.   in order to help the women back more beautiful smile, SHISEIDO of Taipei, Shiseido international Hongkong, Shanghai, the age distribution of the investigation in 20 and 30 years old and 40 year old woman from the age of 30, found the skin moisturizing, oil demand is no longer simple. With the age of the stain, facial expression and facial relaxation, more and more attention. In September 2016, Shiseido international SHISEIDO brings a whitening, anti second skin solutions — Weipo Yue Fei Yan Plastic Brightening Cream, and invites the 100 media feel a "Smile Show", to regain the young 18° smile.     link design activities create new styles, break the traditional conference mode, immersive theater experience, like in every scene. Famous artist Zhu Jingyizuo in behind the curtain, according to media readme depict smiling appearance; graceful dancer music and lighting, embracing you with warmth, with a smile with a smile; when you get out of a scene of the drama, see the smile on the wall caught smiling face, you will find a smile makes you look more beautiful. And SHISEIDO Shiseido international wants you to know that you deserve a better smile.   how to regain the fearless smile, has a perfect 18° young smile? SHISEIDO Shiseido international teacher training — ran good teacher, through the detailed explanation to share new Yue Fei Yan Weipo plastic Brightening Cream, how to achieve the full range of multidimensional "lift, pull, tight," anti old, carving delicate facial beauty, to restore youthful contour.   Weipo Yue Fei series of new brand spokesmen — what enabled supermodel spike, filling up confident smile. The new Weipo Yue Fei Yan Plastic Brightening Cream as an upgrade anti-aging effect one of the two high performance cream, add a new purification lymph stable technology to purify the skin aging caused by the effective discharge of waste material, strengthen the lymphatic self stability, remodeling 4 dimensional facial contour lines, to improve the plastic profile pulled up, elastic and tight.相关的主题文章: