St Ning Tong B even the loss of 30 million of the industry to buy a house turned over twice as long restorator

*ST B: Nanjing industry even the loss of 30 million individuals over 16 times Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my first half loss will be over you, Paul shell success rate increased; statistics show that 20% listed companies net profit in the first half to afford a school district room Beijing News (reporter Wang Quanhao Li Chunping) although the industry hard, but in 2004 for the development of business in Beijing to buy a house value is over 10 times more than. September 21st *ST Nanjing B announced that the company to be publicly listed by Beijing equity exchange transfer of Beijing Xicheng District City Huai Cedar Street No. 11 building of the -201, the -202 two sets of real estate. After assessment, two sets of real estate appreciation rate of 1651.68%, the company will sell the shell will greatly increase the chances of success. The house has not yet sold yesterday, the Beijing News reporter came to Nanjing *ST housing B "real security shell" announcement of No. 11 flavescent sophora Cypress Street, visited the scene. "This belongs to the Beijing primary school day Department of the school district, the average price of around 100 thousand, but recently the owner must have high to 110 thousand." A real estate agent told the Beijing News reporter. Leave the wide Xuanwu West Street, turn through the alley, through both sides of the stall to sell fruit, came to this because the listed company *ST B real Nanjing Paul shell bursts of Huai Cedar Street No. 11. Like most small, underground parking lot, security, elevator standard. Enter the 11 building two unit two floor, you can see the Nanjing Putian Beijing office nameplate. Nanjing Putian staff said, the two is for the company in Beijing office residential marketing personnel. Reporters saw the door piled up some of the materials, the room is like the same as the average company room. Nanjing Putian staff told reporters, now the house has not been sold, they are still the office here. *ST Nanjing B years of losses faced with public information, *ST Nanjing B Nanjing PUTIAN Telecommunications Limited by Share Ltd, the production of large-scale backbone enterprises of communications equipment for the China Putian Information Industry Group Corporation, 7-8 years ago in the video phone business field achieved good results, the mold production level recognized in the industry. But in recent years, Nanjing Putian development difficulties, *ST Nanjing B for two consecutive fiscal years of losses, the stock has been implemented delisting risk warning. 2016 semi annual report, the company achieved operating income of only 835 million yuan, representing a decrease of 9.30% over the same period last year, net loss of $21 million 109 thousand and 100. The 2014 annual report of the company net loss of 8 million 524 thousand and 500 yuan, in 2015 annual net loss of $4 million 787 thousand and 600. According to the securities law, the fifty-fifth paragraph of the fourth paragraph, the company will continue to be suspended for the last three consecutive years of losses. Obviously, if there is no restructuring plan or asset sales, the main production of large communications equipment *ST Ning B is still difficult to turn around, it is likely to trigger delisting. Announcements, after the assessment of the Chinese asset valuation Limited, as of the assessment date of July 31, 2016, *ST Ning B intends to dispose of the theory相关的主题文章: