Taihu Shenwei light won the Gordon Bell prize, China supercomputer to achieve breakthrough act tough ratatouille

Shenwei · Taihu light by Gordon · Baer prize, Chinese supercomputer to achieve breakthrough act tough and talk soft – Sohu technology new Zhi Yuan original source: the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, originally science editor: Wen Fei new Zhi Yuan to start a new round of recruitment: COO, executive editor, senior editor, compiler, editor, operation director, customer service manager, Consulting Director, administrative assistant in 9 position overall opening. Resume: jobs@aiera HR WeChat: new Zhi Yuan COO and executive editor of the highest salary offer over 1 million; to provide the most complete training system, higher than the industry average wages and bonuses for the backbone of the staff. Join the new wisdom yuan, and artificial intelligence industry leaders to join hands to change the world. [introduction] new Zhi Yuan Beijing time today at 4:20 PM SC16 Salt Lake City conference, supercomputing system "Sunway · China’s independent research and development; Taihu light" following the day before TOP won the 500 world first prize, won the highest award of high performance computing "Gordon? Baer Award", the in our country the award breakthrough, become a high performance computing application development China new milepost. November 17, 2016 (18 am Beijing time, the United States is about 4:20) SC16 conference in Salt Lake City, China’s total domestic independent supercomputer processors to build "power · Taihu light", after TOP won the 500 list first in the world after winning the Gordon Baer award? ", to achieve high performance computing in China the application of this award breakthrough, becoming a new milepost application development of high performance computing in china. "Gordon? Baer Award (ACM Gordon Bell Prize) was established in 1987, is the highest award for high performance computing applications, by American Computer Association (ACM) November each year in the United States held the field of supercomputing Conference (SC) issued, and calculated results to reward the forefront of the times, especially outstanding achievement high performance computing innovation, known as the" Nobel prize for Supercomputing applications". Unlike TOP 500, which focuses on the performance of high speed computing hardware, the Gordon prize for the is more focused on high performance computing applications. U.S. and Japanese researchers with the operation in the United States, Titan supercomputer, Japan’s Beijing supercomputer applications, have been awarded the award. In fact, in the past 30 years, the award has been the United States and Japan monopoly. Today, China has finally broken the monopoly! The award-winning show, "Shenwei · Taihu light" is not only a number of indicators of the first in the world, but also relying on its powerful computing capabilities to calculate the world first-class results, the future is more challenging the ability to carry out large-scale practical application. Top won the 500 top hardware indicators first in the world "Shenwei · Taihu light" name in June of this year he had maxed out in the circle of friends, forty-seventh HP相关的主题文章: