Taiwan passengers were attacked by the French train was seriously injured and sent to hospital onavo protect

Taiwan gunmen attacked the French passenger train dragging injured hospital – Beijing, Beijing, September 20, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that a Taiwan passenger train in Paris of France was the other fellow passengers attack, has been taken to hospital observation. , Paris, France, a passenger from Taiwan, France, was attacked on the outskirts of a suburban railway line C, the European newspaper said. Time on Sunday (18 days) at about 23 hours in the evening, the place in the Ares Square Station Champ-de-Mars (VIIe). The Taiwan passenger was seriously injured and has been sent to Pitie-Salpetriere hospital. The Taiwan passenger with two friends, in the vicinity of the Alma tower in Paris on the train has been attacked by the other four passengers with the car, after which several Asian tourists choose the next stop. After they get off in the car is still the attack, in addition to the outside through the window of Taiwanese spit insults seized his arm and dragged the train between the train and the platform for a few meters into the body multiple fractures. The police are responsible for the investigation of access to the station CCTV (monitor) image for crime gang.相关的主题文章: