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Talk about Tesla autopilot add "auxiliary" two words that Sohu Sohu E electric car car [park] Chinese Tesla’s official website has been introduced in the Autopilot models will drive automatically, automatic driving assistant was renamed to Autopilot. Auxiliary two words to add, it seems that the owners of Tesla warned that this is only an auxiliary function, and can not bear all the driving tasks. This change seems to be associated with the domestic Tesla automatic driving accident. In August 3rd, the owner of a Tesla vehicle road use in Beijing five automatic driving function, rub the driveway and parked a black Santana car. The automatic driving system of Tesla in front of Santana car without notice, did not take any evasive action or deceleration. In the rub after the vehicle has not taken any measures, but to continue moving forward, until the owner himself on the brake pedal to stop. But Tesla’s spokesman explained in a statement said, Tesla company in recent weeks has been corrected in different languages translation caused by the ambiguity, selection changes with the recent Chinese translation events and news reports in the now independent. Coincidentally, according to foreign media reports, in August 22nd, a man named Mark? Mr Sen in the American state of Texas Tesla owners, in the course of driving on highway 175 to open the Autopilot automatic auxiliary driving function, but because of a curved Autopilot system failed to identify on the road, causing the vehicle off the Road and crashed into a roadside fence. The 44 year old Mr Sen said in an interview, "I was in that highway full opened Autopilot, that it can deal with all the conditions as before, so the hand clothes from the glove box." Before the incident, he was still cleaning the dashboard, his hands are not placed on the steering wheel. According to the Tesla said, after the car hit the straight, and did not stop, but continue to accelerate forward. Comparison of the two Tesla automatic driving accident caused by can be seen, Autopilot function in the event of an accident, did not take timely braking measures. Autopilot if there is such a defect, is likely to cause more serious damage to the driver and passengers two. The automatic driving accident one after another will Tesla company into the company spokesman stressed that in the teeth of the storm, Autopilot is an auxiliary driving function, the driver in the use of this feature should be hands on the steering wheel, ready to respond to emergency situations. At the same time, a Tesla staff revealed that the company conducted a re training of employees, requiring them to inform the driver, in the open Autopilot function, both hands must be placed on the steering wheel. According to rub the China and some other owners of Tesla Tesla owners said, the sales staff in the introduction of Autopilot function, this function will be described as a fully autonomous driving system. In fact, Tesla’s Autopilot function is more like a ADAS.相关的主题文章: