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Dating For most guys, dating the lady of their life is no hustle but the real twist .es on maintaining her talk. To keep you on when talking to women, the following .mon mistakes should be avoided. When talking to the woman, most guys will fail to show their personality. The mistake that many will do is to ask lady questions just for the sake of making her talk. When you ask too many and unnecessary queries, this will scare her and she will have no time to decide on her own. While talking it is good to let the conversation flow as she will realize that taking time to listen to her. With this she will also give you some time and thus learn much about you. In addition to this, you should not stop talking to the woman when they have stopped talking. The woman will get nervous and bored. You should cheer the lady up and try to guide the talk. The second and worst mistake that the guys will make when talking to women is to talking too much about themselves without concentrating on important issues that might be of interest to the lady. The guy will try to brag too much about useless things that might scare the woman. In line with this the guy will try to lie to the lady about their own achievements. To make the woman interested, you have to do away with this character. Though it is important for the lady to know some things about you, you must be honest and avoid bragging. When guys meet the woman for the first time, they will always want to impress the lady by not breaking their heart at the first meeting. The guys will want to agree on everything that the lady wants or requests. All women will love a man who can stand up for what they think is best and stand by it no matter the circumstances. The guy should always express the best opinion concerning what is best at that time. More over do not go over board just state the necessary and avoid the talk turning into an argument. Here, one has to prove that you can think straight and respect your opinions. Another .mon mistake that the guys will do when talking to women is to show that they are only interested in going to bed with her. The woman is very sensitive in matters of sex and will decide how they look at a guy in the first few moments. Engaging in a sexual talk at the first moments is very serious and will not go well with the woman who might be serious about the relationship. Sex matters should be introduced gradually when you are familiar with each and in a way that will not make the woman angry. Before meeting the woman, it is better to have many stories that are interesting. This will enable the woman focus on the conversation and avoid close ended questions that have short answers. These are questions of yes, no, yeah and so many statements that calls for monologues. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: