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Tencent twelfth users voted superstar Lillard crushed against the warriors of God A new force suddenly rises. wanton 51 points! The 16 season Lillard ten wonderful performance sports news October 14th Tencent Tencent through WeChat sports, to solicit comments from fans, vote for the new season of the twelfth stars. Lillard beat warriors splash of A new force suddenly rises., brother of Thompson. Lillard was elected the twelfth star Lillard won 3304 votes, accounting for 39%; Thompson and Griffin are Tang God received 2316 votes, accounting for 27%; Griffin received 1908 votes, accounting for 22%; Green received 378 votes, accounting for 4%; Butler, 294 votes, 278 votes accounted for 3%; Lori, accounted for 3%; Conley 80 votes, accounting for 1%. As a pioneer of ACE, Lillard natural needless to say. Last season he teamed up with partner McCallum, helped pioneer the dark horse in the playoffs, and reached the second round of the sinking of the clippers. It is worth mentioning that Lillard or a tough guy, when asked whether the day after will follow Durant Lillard, given a negative answer. And rhetoric "beat those super team much more enjoyable", has won many fans. The previous vote, the minds of users in the top 12 stars were James, Durant, Weiss curry, Brook, Paul, Erwin, Leonard, harden, Anthony, George, Davies and lillard. At present, the new season, the top 24 star selection activities are still in progress, today will be selected in the WeChat side of the league’s top thirteenth superstars. With the deepening of the activities, the number of users to participate in the voting more and more, look forward to your participation. Participate in voting: 1, WeChat search Tencent NBA or qqnba-wx concern Tencent NBA WeChat public number. 2, WeChat made headlines in the manuscript the public daily push bottom in star ranking poll (today voted thirteenth Star Alliance). Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: