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The 27 year old female, will soon become history to people from all countries all over the world – Sohu if someone visited 50 countries, we will leave a deep impression on that person, if someone visited 100 countries, it can become a traveler. But in the United States, there is such a girl, she became the first woman to record their own country, and is the fastest travel time traveled in 196 countries around the world (as of 2009)…… This is really great. The only 27 women in the United States called Cassandra De Pecol, from Connecticut, from the beginning of July 2015 global travel, has been to 181 countries, that is to say the world only 15 countries have not been to her, and the 15 countries she plans to use 40 days to finish the exploration, she will break the Guinness record, becoming the fastest tour in all countries of the world people (including 11 additional areas). Her this magical journey known as Expedition 196, is her as a peace ambassador on behalf of the International Peace Research Institute of tourism (International Institute for Peace Through Tourism) of the global travel, we together with the Cassandra Instagram to look at these inspiring instant travel! Want to go to every country in the world? This is exactly what Cassandra De Pecol is doing every day, both in travel and work. Her travel plan is called "Expedition196". The plan began in July 2015, the first to the place called Palau, an island is located in the Western Pacific, independence in 1994 from the United States mandate, is one has the one and only non-toxic Jellyfish Lake country. Palau after Cassandra went to 181 countries. She wants to be the first woman to go to 196 countries with a record. Cassandra now plans to spend 40 days traveling through the remaining 15 countries. If she succeeds, she is about to break the world record of Guinness and become the fastest person to travel all over the world. She also traveled as a peace ambassador on behalf of the International Institute for tourism and peace. The global trip has cost nearly $200 thousand so far, but the fees are provided by sponsors. Cassandra travel costs in addition to sponsors, she will use Instagram as an advertising platform, in exchange for free accommodation. She is only 27 years old, but she has seen more and more countries than ever before. Lion cub. Skiing in the mountains of Colorado (Chile).     相关的主题文章: