The birthday will show Yang Mi Michael kors mercilessly show big legs. kairui

The birthday will show Yang Mi MICHAEL KORS mercilessly show big legs [on the upper east side of New York Joan Smalls] occupation female accompanied by live jazz, with a navy blue dress style opening, windbreaker, suit, vest the classic single product this season in MICHAEL KORS’s hand has become more innovative, emphasize the shoulder line at the same time with a belt tightening waist, profile comparison designers in this hard and soft, neutral and feminine will be presented. [fancy MICHAEL KORS big sweater will soon be out of the street estimates! The shape of Yang Mi] in addition to printing in a suit and collocation sweater and shirt is both a small woman’s soft romantic, and with strong power of women, this season MICHAEL KORS a big sweater is particularly fashionable, walk in the metropolis and understand the life of a modern girl. We are on holiday [the party] "Butterfly" repeated suit, a 80s Power Suit means, with a pale pink, light green and Angran spring flower pattern. [footwear trend next year is a super thick waterproof Taiwan] all shoes are waterproof, high heels, but the design is different, do not know will not be footwear trend next year. Are you ready to wear a shoulder strap and a waterproof table? A small strap never [thick] [en regardless of fatigue wear what first belt] [IT GIRL] a large collection of backstage footage of the show in addition to Kendall Jenner and GIGI’s sister Bellahadid, is really IT GIRL collection! There are so many beauties that you appreciate the high definition相关的主题文章: