The boss false investment fraud really 16 victims back 1 million 680

"The boss" false investment fraud really 16 victims back 1 million 680 thousand Taiwan by November 20th hearing (Strait Herald reporter Chen Jie correspondent (micro-blog) Xiang Xuan Wentu method) "female boss" false investment fraud, cheated more than 168 yuan. The judge went to the thousands of miles away money, 16 victims cheated 168 yuan finally back! Yesterday, the Herald reporter learned from the Xiangan district court, District of Xiangan since the establishment of the largest amount of contract fraud "to its origin owner". Recently, the Xiangan court held a crime of fraud, the focus of the general assembly, the 16 victims took back the $1680250 refund. Female boss: cheated 16 people cheated 1 million 680 thousand yuan "I do the leather business returns are high, you lent me some money, make money after dividends." That he engaged in the leather business "," female boss "Chen successfully fooled 16 victims cheated more than 168 yuan. Among those who cheated, 54 year old Mr. Cheng was cheated the most miserable, a man cheated on the $about 500000. However, the "investors" money out, but I’ve never seen a piece of leather, there is no dividend to 1 cents, the cost is wasted. After investigation, the defendant Chen "high returns as bait, a false oral contract with 16 victims, lured others to remittance, payment fraud totaling 1680250 yuan. Victim: suffering from serious illness was aggravated recently, Xiangan court verdict, sentenced him to imprisonment in ten years and six months and fined fifty thousand yuan. At the same time judgment Chen 16 victims of economic loss compensation. The case after the verdict, the defendant Chen sent to prison, but the 16 victims cheated money has not been back. Among them, the loss of the victim, Mr. Zheng had been seriously ill, because of being cheated 554 thousand and 200 yuan was aggravated by the attack, was sent to hospital for treatment, and the urgent need for treatment costs. The executive judge: to recover all losses for thousands of miles away, the Xiangan court executive judge promptly dispatched. The judge found that the defendant charged money account is located in Guangxi Guilin, Jiangsu Yancheng and other places, immediately rushed to the field to perform. More than 4 in the morning, Xiangan court executive judge to go out to the airport, on the morning of 8 pm, the flight arrived in Guilin, the presiding judge of the plane went straight to the local bank will deduct 877100.76 yuan to. 11 am, the judge found another account in the Bank of the account of the urban area of county, more than and 120 km away, and immediately went to the bus station in Li Riverside. More than two hours later, the two judges found the bank, and deduct the amount of $823688.89! In this way, the two judges raid more than 1 thousand and 100 kilometers a day, finally 100% to restore the victim’s economic loss! At the same time, the other two judges also rushed to Jiangsu, Yancheng successfully deducted money. Currently, the 16 victims have all been taken back their money cheated, which seriously ill Zheng back to $554 thousand and 200. (Taiwan Network) >相关的主题文章: