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The British Championships: Wood Follett analysis is not good at the fear of defeat – Sohu Carlisle vs Follett Wood 20162017 England Championship Group stage game time: 2016-11-10 Thursday 03:45 crown disc: 0.90 tie hemisphere 0.98 Australian color Asia plate: 0.82 tied hemisphere 0.94 William Hill: 2.05: 2.15 3.40 3.30 3 Ladbrokes [3.30] 1 news score data Carlisle, the stock nearly 10 war 8 wins and 2 draws, with 31 points ranked second in the second round of the League 15, Carlisle nearly 10 games into 25 ball lost 11 ball. 2, the Wood Follett nearly 10 war 3 wins 2 flat 5 negative, accumulate 22 points ranked tenth in the League 16 round of the league, Wood Follett nearly 10 games into the 10 ball, lost 14 ball. In 3, Carlisle and Wood Follett 1 meeting recently in the 2-0 defeat opponents. 4, Follett Wood team recently won only 13 games 2 games. [1] game related information, Carlisle in 21 consecutive games have a goal, the last 5 games total of 16 goals, averaging 3.2 goals. 2, Follett Wood recently 1 years away win rate of 40.7%, a performance stability. [analysis] provide asian handicap data according to the score of news network, Asian mainstream company common to the Lord let flat half low water price, the Carlisle this season in England B is very strong, the 15 wheel Saiba unbeaten record product 31 points ranked second. Follett Wood in the league so far away only 2 victories, a poor performance. The disc to the Lord let flat half low water start, is certainly Carlisle home court advantage, but the disk after the injection by hanging the water rose high water for the home team, the game against Carlisle, or difficult to win easily. SMG recommended: 13 disc recommended: Carlisle -0.25相关的主题文章: