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The children always fell out of bed, I should do? Sohu maternal and child to all new things are full of curiosity, but due to age, poor control of limbs, lack of safety awareness, so they are also a high incidence of unintentional injuries. According to a survey, 1 out of every 3 children die from accidental injury. Kangaroo mom remind parents, we must strengthen the protection measures in daily life, to avoid the tragedy. Accidental injuries and protective measures of 1 children, eating drug event review: the 5 year old and 3 year old sister sister Xiao Mei play, eat angidiarrheal, afternoon symptoms, sister stop breathing on the road was taken to hospital. Kangaroo hemp tips: this, mostly because parents will be drug free in children are easy to reach. Therefore, parents must always be good medicine, put the baby can not get. If it is in the feeding process, the parents suddenly have to leave, even as long as one or two minutes to come back, to take drugs away, can not let the children alone, even can be locked up, to prevent the baby because of curiosity and drugs. There are some parents to make children successfully taking the medicine, will tell the child to eat is "candy" or "sugar", so that the child will confuse food and drug. Once a child has the wrong cognition, is likely to occur in two situations: one is the child will really take the medicine as sugar, after ingestion of drugs hidden danger; another possibility is that the medicine is bitter, the child is not good, later want to feed them medicine is difficult. To have a sensible child, parents should tell him what the drug is, why should take medicine to help him establish the correct concept of medication. At the same time, due to the child’s imitation ability is very strong, very much like to imitate the action of adults, therefore, parents should not take medicine in front of the children do not know enough to prevent the occurrence of tragedy. 2, traffic accident review: a 2 year old girl playing in the District, was knocked down by a neighbor’s private car, rolling, the girl’s mother in a few steps away from the eyes to see the whole process. The day after the little girl sent to hospital, died after the rescue invalid. Kangaroo hemp tips: in addition to outside factors, children’s traffic accidents rate also have a certain relationship with its own development. The baby before the age of 12, the development of the nervous system is still not perfect, visual, auditory and tactile and motor function of the comprehensive coordination ability is relatively poor, the orientation and spatial position judgment error prone, therefore, they usually do not know the oncoming car to escape, only pay attention to a direction of the vehicle to cross the road when the vehicle speed, and the lack of correct judgment. So, the probability of a traffic accident is much higher than that of adults. In order to avoid this kind of accident, the parents usually have to consciously through stories, read the chant way of safety education for children, to help them understand all kinds of risk factors, improve their self-protection ability. For example, when you cross the street with a child, you can teach him to "stop the red light, green light, yellow light, etc.; cross the road, eyes to be clear, zebra line carefully" this kind of songs, help.相关的主题文章: