The children in the northern horse courier push hope he learn to be strong and gratitude (video)

The children in the northern horse courier push hope he learn to be strong and gratitude [Abstract] from the beginning of last year, Hangzhou Ma, the Jinhua courier, has pushed the son in 8 marathons, including 1 horses, 5 times, 1 times and half horse pony 1 5 km. The most brutal marathon in history! 2016 North horse brush circle of friends Luo Shujian (Figure) at the starting point of the North horse, people also saw the little boy and his son, Luo Shujian. From last year’s Hang Ma, the Jinhua courier, has pushed his son to participate in the 8 marathon, including the 1 full horse, 5 and a half horse, pony and 1 times the 5 km. Luo Shujian said, every time running, small cypress will show a smile, this is the biggest power he insisted on. Xiao Bai is 8 years old this year, was born because of severe asphyxia, the doctor in critical condition notice. Although the little guy was strong enough to get through the dangerous period, he suffered from a severe ischemic hypoxic encephalopathy and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy for more than 6 months. Since then, little cypress began a difficult and lengthy rehabilitation. In order to encourage his son, pushing the baby stroller marathon became an important part of Luo Shujian’s life. "I just lent him my arms and legs. It is my happiest thing to make Xiao Bai happy." Luo Shujian said, although not guaranteed to finish the game every time, but he and his son can always harvest a lot of moving along the way, the side of the run and the audience along the way to give us the total refueling, as well as sending water to send milk." Luo Shujian said he believed his son will understand, the marathon can let his son learn adamancy and gratitude.相关的主题文章: