The man hit the police arrested before playing a police jailed for two years ajviewer

The man hit again the same police jailed for two years after the original title: police detained before playing a police man of first instance jailed for two years China Yulin daily news (reporter Qi Ming) after an altercation with the police abuse, police beatings, man has been in administrative detention for 15 days because of trouble. After coming out from the detention center, he went to the police station, after several disputes will be injured with the same police. The day before, Yuyang District of Yulin city court verdict the man two years imprisonment. The first key is used to cut the hands of the police arrested Yang Yulin, unemployed. In June 9th this year, Yang in Yulin City Public Security Bureau Yuyang Zhen Chuan asked the police handle their own beaten, police Wang said the case has been closed, and inform the part of civil compensation may bring a civil lawsuit to the court, but Yang did not listen to advice, but abusive beat wang. June 10th, Yang was Yulin Municipal Public Security Bureau Yuyang branch administrative detention 15 days and impose a fine of $1000. June 25th, Yang after the release of administrative detention, once again came to the town of Sichuan police station Wang’s office, Wang threatened, abused, beaten. The Yulin First Hospital diagnosis: Wang lower lip soft tissue contusion; the left forehead, upper and lower lip tissue contusion; acute mild traumatic brain injury; loose teeth. According to Yang confessed, in June 10th this year, due to processing of the winter of 2014 he and his father was beaten with the abuse to the police station the police Wang, and with the key in pulling prick Wang’s hand, was detained for 15 days. To disturb the crime was sentenced to two years imprisonment Yang said that in June 25th, detention expires released the same day at 6 pm, he came to the town of Sichuan police station Wang office and asked him how to deal with the case in 2014 was hit, Wang let him to the court, and pushed him to the courtyard of the door under the table, he to walk in front of Wang, Wang went to push open, push a few times, he began to abuse, beaten wang. On the same day, Yang suspicion of affray crime by the Yulin Municipal Public Security Bureau Yuyang detention, July 20th was arrested, detained in Yulin city Yuyang District detention center. The day before, the Yuyang district court hearing of the case, the court held that Yang in violence, obstruct state personnel from performing their duties, their behavior violated the normal management activities of the state and state personnel’s personal rights, violated the "criminal law" provisions, constitute the crime of obstruction of official business. Prosecutor accused Yang guilty of obstruction of official crime and the crime of. The defendant Yang uses violence or threats to obstruct state personnel from performing their duties, shall be sentenced to three years imprisonment in accordance with law, the people’s police violence is to perform their duties, should be severely punished, because it can truthfully confessed his crime in the investigation, prosecution and trial, may be given a lighter punishment. In order to safeguard the normal management activities of the state and protect the personal rights of the staff of the state organs, the Yuyang district court sentenced him to two years imprisonment for the crime of obstructing public service by yang. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: