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The "miracle" MU district for the first Olympic Games, bloody – game original title: "the miracle MU" Olympic Games for the first Olympic Games, new battle ended, but the real war did not stop. Recently, the "miracle" open a new version of MU S11, and to celebrate the arrival of the new version also opened new "philia", you want to know the new version of the game player can go to the district to timely and accurate understanding of the content of the new version of the update. A lot of game player once said to me, the new opening that is quite timely, because they think the Olympic Games looks fun, then they are going to enter the game personally, ready to take the next few first to get yourself back when a game world champion. The first level, the "miracle" MU liver Wang Zheng leveling is a very hard thing in the "miracle" in MU, because the upgrade not only to the amount of time also needs a good personal experience, can upgrade the army in talent shows itself in the vast sea of humanity. Miracle MU, there are thousands of thousands of upgrades, but most in line with the only way to upgrade the speed. Each region of the highest level game player is spending a lot of time and energy to upgrade, only in the most appropriate time to switch their upgrade map, is the most outstanding upgrade game player each level the king apparently, they have done it, I believe you will do. Alive, ShouDeXia pinpointing the "miracle" in addition to MU leveling the king, and the king of battle. Only have confidence in the strength of the equipment are eligible to participate in the fighting game player king competition. Fighting not just look at the level of the game player, game player is the actual combat. They include equipment, BUFF and other factors of the bonus, so the combat power is a comprehensive consideration of the actual level of game player. The strongest Zhanmeng, I am in this area carry handle is to show you the charm of the game game player Zhanmeng moment, because only their own strong enough to be able to receive more of the charm of the game game player, the game player to retain more. A Zhanmeng is on everyone unite, but to become a large area of carry handle is pressed by many people, the absolute strength is more important. Now new and open, you can go to the new game player lofty ideals and high aspirations stretched out, once again hit their own piece of heaven and earth.   (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: