The morning of the first test of the eternal magic start heavy copy of the game first exposure pgd-426

The first month of the beginning of the first test of the magic of the magic to launch a heavy copy of the first exposure of multi interest network 2016 new 3D magic adventure online games eternal magic will be launched in the first break in the morning of October 21st! The official website of the reservation channel has been opened in the first test appointment will be able to get benefits spree. A breathing magic world, many distinctive features of the play, just waiting for you to open a journey of adventure adventure! Today, we will be exposed to the eternal magic, a copy of the play! "Eternal magic" official activation code reservation address: "eternal magic" website: "the eternal magic" game background: a "magic" magic is the eternal eternal Duoyi network in 2016 developed 3D fantasy adventure games, games create a breath of real magic in the world, the six occupation role with you open a dream of magic and adventure. Here, with the blood of the battlefield, feel the fire burning blood sports fun; adorable pet companions, let your adventure never alone; the Green Fair, the best equipment random drop; refuse monotonous, with friends in a relaxed social, free free adventure. "Eternal magic" is coming, open the super magic world.相关的主题文章: