The national day of the Hainan tourism market hot global tourism and high-end products by hol-9c8947

The national day of the Hainan tourism market hot   global tourism and high-end products by holding — Hainan window – on 8 October, this year "eleven" golden week, Hainan driving, family travel, leisure tours and eye-catching performance, new tourism industry of new products, the global tourism and high-end tourism products by holding. Popular, holiday tourism market hot October 1 to 7, Hainan tourists grew by 99.08%, total tourism revenue grew by 43.13%, both hit a new high. The island in the four corners of the world tourism market are popular everywhere. Diverse tourism products, highlights the Haikou city through the official WeChat launched the national "10 1" new tourism products, namely, a trip, a hundred years old, across the board a volcano, a solution of the secret, enjoy a mangrove wilderness, eat seafood, a sweet taste, a product of Hainan play a golf, drunk once island village tour, fight again duty-free shopping, and according to the theme launched ten new tourist routes, do one day a characteristic". Sanya for the whole country to open a new honeymoon trip, the rapid warming of wedding tourism, the major hotels, scenic spots, photography agencies have launched wedding tourism products. Wanning city vitality movement in the coastal travel by tourists, Shenzhou Peninsula Island Beach Club mobilization project, Riyuewan dragnet fishing, bonfire and surfing the sea experience products touted. In addition, Danzhou cigar tours, Wenchang space travel, Qionghai rural tourism, Five Fingers Group forest exploration, Changjiang Qiziwan "passion play" sea travel, Qiongzhong Li and Miao culture experience tour also attracts a lot of tourists. The theme of Tourism Festival, Lingshui garden music features at the second Clear Water Bay Carnival into Coconut Island Coconut, sand, thatch, coconut carving craft and other features of Hainan unique elements, open the "Coconut Island" style of the national day seven days; the third session of the Qionghai City Cultural Festival fair delicacy main parent-child theme, held thousands of people eat at the same time, visit the fair scenic spots, hundreds of contestants who pack contest, contestants 100 cake board games, fishing contest, group music awards ceremony, banquet, buffet barbecue and other activities, on-site Yourenruzhi, festive; Chengmai County Xi Zhen Third National delicacy Festival, show more than 40 kinds of local snacks, attracted tourists come in a throng. Enjoy the experience of "old Rui Xi". In addition, the polar ice and Snow Festival, 000 temple; Qiongzhong Rural Culture Festival, what what the cold cold lotus bloom tours; Baisha "love landscape Baisha edge" National Day theme tour activities reflected in the characteristics of local culture, to create a strong festive atmosphere at the same time, has also become an important engine of tourism consumption. The leisure vacation, "dimples family as more Chinese and foreign tourists are" dwelling "in the hotel, enjoy" dimples gens "holiday comfortable, making Sanya Yalong Bay, Haitang Bay, west coast of Haikou, Lingshui, Clear Water Bay, Ledong Longmu Bay, Wanning Shenzhou Peninsula, Shi Mei Bay, Moon Bay, Bay area of the Changjiang. The high-end hotel sales. According to statistics, the Sanya area during the holiday period of 75.03% yuan for the opening of the housing area; Haitang Bay area open room rate of 73.92%; Sanya Bay area to open room rate of 70.63%; the East China Sea area of the housing open rate of 66.81相关的主题文章: