The new era is coming lol new client test is over! Sina heroes Union ddrtys

The new era is coming LOL new client test is over! Sina hero alliance zone has ended in today officially announced the new client fist test, which means that the new client has almost been completed, perhaps in the next version, we can see the new version of the client. Earlier this year when we decided to renew our client, we content in new client only chaos model, matching model, we think if we invite more game player to help us test, then the new client will get better — the fact that this approach is correct. In the Alpha client, game player who helped we find a lot of fantastic problems. For example, your hero in the game will be forced to choose the stage of the update of the client, such as in the Mac you can drag the client outside the screen, and no longer drag back. As a test game player a Alpha client, almost anytime in a dangerous place to walk in. But the players insisted that we had received 150000 additional feedback in the course of the 6 month test (up to 22 languages)! We get feedback from players around the world to help us solve a lot of problems. Now we finally have to go to the next stage, the release of external Beta version. This means that we will close the Alpha client registration, and anyone who wants to experience a new client, you can join the upcoming Beta client. Can clearly see that the new client work is nearing completion, if possible we can early in the S7 season to see the new version of the client, the client more League coming fast! Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: