The new Jeep Wrangler more news exposure or released in January (video)

Jeep Wrangler news release in January or more popular in the city of SUV today, a handful of pure hardcore off-road vehicles, of course, Jeep’s Wrangler (ginseng, pictures, as one of the inquiry), for a new generation of Wrangler is expected to release in January, before the overseas media are given a copy of the strongest spoilers, the continuation of the classic or breakthrough innovation, please enter the following understanding. "The new generation of the four door version of the Wrangler imaginary map; below is a new generation of Wrangler Wrangler spy" 60 degree slope climbing in the other hand, the design of a new generation of Wrangler will continue to use the current model boxy, but based on the traditional design models of cash reserves, the new car will to make some adjustments, including the front grille, with certain angle the more tilt the front windshield, such improvements will reduce the resistance of the body to a certain extent, and help to improve the aerodynamic performance of vehicle. It is the promotion of fuel economy, and reduce the wind noise, these are improved to enhance the drawbacks of the current model. "A new generation of Wrangler four door version of the imaginary figure. Also, in addition to the new Wrangler will continue to provide the rear door can be opened outside the window alone, between the C column and the D column of the window will be designed to be open in the form of cash for the Wrangler is also a great innovation. So far, a new generation of Wrangler only exposure test – four version and the version of the pickup, according to foreign media speculation, a new generation of Wrangler or cancel the two door version of the model. Although a new generation of Wrangler will not be in the overall shape of a larger adjustment, but in the design of the LED daytime driving lights and front wheel eyebrow parts into the X elements after the taillights will be the appearance of the main characteristics. The roof is expected to cover by three times the design, which will enable the new Wrangler car more lighting and fresh air. In the design, a new generation of Wrangler will continue to use the non bearing body structure, without sacrificing any models of off-road capability, but engineers try to get close to the modern new Wrangler SUV help, such as body weight and improve the fuel economy of all aluminum body panels and other measures. From a previously leaked documents can be sure that the new Wrangler car use at least Aluminum Alloy build the engine compartment and door. "The new generation Wrangler pickup version of the imaginary figure; the new generation Wrangler pickup version spy" power part, the new Wrangler will be powered by a re adjustment of the V6 engine, transmission system will cancel the 5 speed manual gearbox obsolete, replaced by 8 speed automatic transmission. In addition, in the engine section, the car may also provide a new four cylinder turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines, gasoline engines, which are named "hurricane", is expected to reach its maximum power of 304 horsepower. According to foreign media said, equipped with the new four cylinder engine of the new Wrangler will make the price to further reduce the threshold, but also to meet the increasingly stringent emission regulations. "A new generation of Wrangler four version" imaginary figure. Finally, for we are most concerned about the new Wrangler launch time, overseas media also gives the news, the car will be on 2017 in Jeep Ohio plant put into operation, will be the fastest in the second quarter of 2017.相关的主题文章: