The new version of win10 called the new big game player is not compatible with all nightmare gigolos

The new version of Win10 called for all new nightmare game player is not compatible with the latest push Microsoft Windows 10 Build 14946 version of the system provides the touchpad gestures experience and a large number of BUG repair more users. However, due to the Build 14946 is a test version of the system, so there are many new problems. Microsoft has now confirmed the existence of serious problems in software compatibility Build 14946, called the game players nightmare. Microsoft recently push the latest version of the Win10 14946 system according to Microsoft, Build Windows Store 14946 cannot normally start big game works, such as "war machine 4", "3" Forza: horizon, "Tomb Raider: the rise of" and so on. So if you are a gamer, be sure not to install Build 14946. In addition, Build 14946 also exists on the third party anti-virus software exclusion phenomenon. When a third party antivirus software is installed on the user’s computer, it is likely that the Build 14946 installation will fail and roll back to the previous version. Similarly, if the user attempts to install third party antivirus software for Build 14946, it may fail. Microsoft is currently testing and checking the reasons leading to Build 14946 compatibility defects. (source: 3DM editor: WB) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: