The new year’s Eve afternoon day morning.-shiyang

The Imperial Palace New Year’s Eve afternoon day morning. Data figure: the Imperial Palace. Original title: the Imperial Palace New Year’s Eve afternoon Day Spring Festival holiday every morning for 80 thousand limiting Beijing morning news (reporter Wang Qifeng) yesterday, the Imperial Palace Museum announced during the Spring Festival opening arrangement, new year’s Eve and new year’s day each morning afternoon will be closed for a long time, the rest of the time normally open. The Imperial Palace museum official said, during the Spring Festival, will depend on the flow of visitors timely adjust the number of the ticket window, opened 30 ticket windows in the peak hours, to ensure that the audience can buy tickets in a short period of time of admission, at the same time strengthen counseling, visit the security order. In addition, the security channel is arranged at the end of "team entrance, entrance ticket reservation signs, booking tickets to open special channel, priority clearance to take appointment ticket audience. Need to remind the audience that, the Imperial Palace Museum a day, limiting 80 thousand passengers, suggested that the audience through the online booking tickets, pre-sale, sale website: customer service Tel: 4006-228-228. The Imperial Palace during the Spring Festival opening time opening date of opening time tickets only time stop admission time closing time on New Year’s Eve (February 7th) 8:30 11:00 11:10 12:00 is at the beginning of a month (February 8th) 12:00 15:30 15:40 16:30 8:30 15:30 15:40 16:30 other time editor: Zhang Chun SN182

故宫除夕下午初一上午闭馆 资料图:故宫。   原标题:故宫除夕下午初一上午闭馆   春节长假每天限流8万人   北京晨报讯(记者 王歧丰) 昨天,故宫博物院公布春节期间开放安排,除夕下午和大年初一上午将各闭馆半天,其他时间正常开放。   故宫博物院相关负责人表示,春节期间,将视观众流量及时调整售票窗口数量,在高峰时段开设30个售票窗口,以保证观众能够在短时间内购票入院,同时加强疏导,保障参观秩序。   另外,端门安检通道处设置“团队入口”、“预约票入口”指示牌,增开预约票专门通道,优先放行采取预约方式购票的观众。   需要提醒观众的是,故宫博物院实行每天限流8万人次,建议观众通过网上预约购票,预售网址:,预售客服电话: 4006-228-228。   故宫春节期间开放时间   开放日期 开馆时间 止票时间 停止入馆时间 闭馆时间   除夕(2月7日) 8:30 11:00 11:10 12:00   正月初一(2月8日) 12:00 15:30 15:40 16:30   其他时间 8:30 15:30 15:40 16:30 责任编辑:张淳 SN182相关的主题文章: