The Number One Reason For Powerlessness In

Religion Millions of people every Sunday go to church. Whilst some go for many reasons that have nothing to do with the church itself, many are at a point where they are looking for something deeper and real meat of the gospel and the Word. These are people that are so rooted in God that they are out growing churches. Yes, a person can out grow a church. Often many are made to feel guilty about this. Whilst this is not necessarily the main subject of this article, I will explain. When a person invests time in the things of God, they will reap. People who sacrifice time to read the Word or the bible to make it simple, will get nourished and will grow. Even if they may not be getting as much from their local churches, they are growing. This can lead to that point where they feel uncomfortable with the type of teaching being taught at their church. At some point they were okay, but as they grew in God they saw things differently, that is the power of revelation. Revelation makes a person see things like never before. The deception and veils in churches, is uncovered as people read the truth of God’ s Word and also through prayer. What they used to call a church, because just a joke, this is because they have seen things for the way they really are! Revelation is cumulative and progressive.The Word of God brings truth, revelation and light. Many people have been prayed for, some have received breakthroughs on the spot. For many it has taken time to manifest. I have seen ministers try to create shows by praying for people using all sorts of high noises and sounds. However, the truth of the matter is that they were powerless. Highly anointed men or women of God hardly make sounds to create a show, its just one touch and the power of God flows. In many instances, people get breakthroughs just by walking into a church without anyone laying hands on them. Why?? The presence of God will be there, and by nature things happen. Prayerless churches are often powerless and they are at the forefront of creating shows. People can no longer be fooled, they can tell if a preacher is faking it, pretending like he or she got power when she is powerless! A Prayer conditioned atmosphere is the breeding ground for the miraculous. We all love miracles, but the truth of the matter, very few people are willing to pay the price for them. We are all too busy chasing the dollar. Jesus would pray all night and during the day it was ‘show time’. It was time to show the results. Every major move of God can always be tracked down to this single factor, prayer.Most powerful churches have a serious backbone of prayer, they may not tell you but behind the scene the prayer engines are rolling night and day. Some have full time staff as Intercessors, yes, I also know one business tycoon who owns a resort he has 3 full time staff as Intercessors. He saw the value of prayer and he values prayer in his business.His business is now encroaching the billion dollar mark. Lets move away from business and come back to church.A prayerless church is a powerless church. Recently was talking to a friend who was telling me that one of the most powerful men of God we know who has a church.In his church for 14 years straight they have made sure that every hour there is someone or at least a group of people praying for the church etc. Whilst that is out of this world, the results are for all to see. When this guy preaches and leaves, expect people to manifest as demons leave their bodies. I was at a Conference two years ago, he had just preached and this was the final day of this particular conference, as I found my way home through the aisles, there we bodies everywhere. Young boys and girls were rolling on the floor, manifesting demons. Many were wiggling and doing all sorts of movements peculiar with demonic possession. Ushers couldn’t contain it, but the preacher had left the stage. As these are inside secrets, I have withheld the name of the preacher and his church, but those who go to his church or who have heard him speak know already who I am talking about in this article. Same as the business person, I have with held his name for his privacy and his business sake. Bottom line, any church that is going to be having power must be willing to pay the price through prayer. No prayer, no power. Right through the book of Acts, we see that the church was birthed in prayer. Also the disciples, didn’t ask Jesus’ teach us to dance’ , or many of the religious practises that many churches do, they said ‘teach us to pray’. This is because they knew and they had witnessed the results of his prayers. Ladies and gentlemen, people are dying in churches, its time to stop entertainment and call it church. We need power, the Gospel is power, the sick getting healed, tumours disappearing and words of knowledge flowing, people getting prophetic direction and counsel etc. Many love to talk about revival but are unwilling to tarry in prayer for it. Again all major revivals can be traced down to prayer. In closing, its time for the 21st Century church to stop playing games and really get to the basics, the Blood, Holiness, Repentance, the Cross and of course Prayer. If you didn’t get anything from this article, get this, its time to pray! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: