The old man received Mailiang million counterfeit money equivalent to the annual income (Figure) dachiyouxiang

The old man received Mailiang million counterfeit money equivalent to the annual income (Figure) original title: million counterfeit money most of the same number of China Xianyang daily news (reporter Yang Hao) a seven year old man took 5000 yuan to sell food money ready to deposit credit cooperatives, inventory, the staff found that all is false coin. The old man liangkuan is equivalent to the annual income in August 27th at 2:27 in the afternoon, three canal Jingyang County Public Security Bureau police station received 110 command center, said the three year old woman in Yiqishiduo Qu Zhen credit deposit, the counterfeit money is. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene. Credit agency staff said that the old man was found their counterfeit money saving, but the old man said the money is not selling food, may be counterfeit. "After we checked, the hands of the elderly are indeed counterfeit money, but the old man does not believe." The police said they will haoshuidaiyue old man back to the police station, said the old man asked several times at home as well as 7100 yuan. Subsequently, the police to accompany the elderly home to check the remaining cash that is counterfeit. After knowing the truth, the old man was very sad. Worry about the elderly something, then her daughter took the old man. It is understood that the 71 year old man, the town of the people of the three drains. Before the Spring Festival this year, a middle-aged couple drove a tractor to collect food, the elderly and his wife left rations, 4000 kg of wheat and some corn to sell. When the other party gave the old man a stack of new money, said the money can give children gift money for. After the old man to accept the money, until recently felt too much cash around the side is not safe, only to think of which 5000 yuan deposit. Unexpectedly, the bank staff was found to be counterfeit. The old man is really a pity." Police said three farmers in the town of many kinds of food for a living, equivalent to the annual income of $12100 in the elderly. The number of counterfeit lighter color fuzzy yesterday morning, the China Daily reporter saw in the three old canal police station, there were a total of 121 counterfeit money, are beginning to B4J5, digital intermediate consistent, in addition to a small amount of counterfeit money after 3 bit number is different, most of the number of counterfeit money all the same. From the appearance point of view, these counterfeit watermark anti-counterfeiting, Goods are available in all varieties. above gold, head of Mao Zedong concavity and other security features, very high fidelity. But careful comparison, we can find that these counterfeit color is shallow, fuzzy number, hand percussion, voice is not loud. "It’s easy to find out if the money is fake." The police said that the RMB above number is unique, if you receive a number of the same money, it is certainly a counterfeit. If people receive such a bill, you can report to the public security organs. At present, 121 counterfeit Claus has been confiscated, police investigation, and actively trace the counterfeit source. In addition, in order to prevent more people deceived, the police also actively contact the 17 administrative villages in the area, to carry out anti counterfeit and Telecommunications fraud prevention work. Identification of the authenticity of the letter a look at two touch three how to quickly identify the authenticity of the bill? Yesterday, one of Xi’an’s largest bank staff Ms. Xin said, in addition to the use of the detector, but also through a two out of three methods of listening "identification. A look at the banknote watermark is clear, the pattern has a sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional effect, there is no security line, etc.. Under normal circumstances, false.相关的主题文章: