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[Portuguese team] Loris Football Club (Portuguese Championship Sports) – Sohu Loris (Loures) is a city in Portugal, the Portuguese capital is located in the suburb of Lisbon. Area of 66231 square kilometers, population. Its history can be traced back to Rome. Moore has ruled over here. Two years ago, China shares to participate in the operation of a team for this summer successfully promoted to the Portuguese League club Portugal Mafra, Portugal senior lead to a break-up of unilateral breach of contract. However, in order to guarantee the normal training and the new season of dozens of Chinese players of the game, China team and another Lisbon has hundred years history of the club – Loures cooperation. At present, there are more than ten Chinese players in the normal training and competition Loures club, Cai Xinyu, Wang Dong, Li Zhongting and other players in the preseason eye-catching performance. Loures football club founded in 1990, there has been a hundred years of history. However, recently a long time Loures been in the lower leagues, results have been unsatisfactory. This month, after the inspection team Chinese Loures club, good news, China has formally and the outskirts of Lisbon a hundred years of history of the time-honored club — Loures Football Club reached a cooperation agreement. Last season, the team and the team pulled a B youth team players in the ten, except Han Pengfei are already in Loures club with their team to prepare for the new season of the league, normal training players didn’t have too much influence. In the China Loures club players, at the beginning of the year due to visa problems failed to return to the Portuguese national youth teenager Zhang source lucky to become the first player to complete the registration formalities. He represented the Loures U19 team in the league in the first round of the first as a midfielder and offer a wonderful volley. Coincidentally, the source position relationship in Jersey in the U19 national youth club in the core of the symbol of Jersey, which let us have more expectations for the Dalian Shide youth from the "double ten". China U19 national youth team U19, Zhang source Loures handheld Jersey at the youth team players menacing, a team of "old man" is also not resigned to playing second fiddle. In the three season of the recent warm-up match, Loures achieved two wins and a draw good results. April and the new pinhal’s "China Derby", Loures array China famous players debut, in addition to two Chinese players. The home Guangdong Portuguese Chinese teenager Zhang Linguang Chen Jiayu and former Shide respectively first issued as left and right back on the season, winter was promoted to Maffra team Liu Yuhao as a playmaker and play, Liaoning Games champion as the first main ho Aceh striker also scored a goal. But from the Hubei teenager Cai Xinyu is undoubtedly the biggest contributor to win this game. He started as a left winger full court, contributed two assists and a goal, excellent performance. Cai Xinyu in the first two months of the season has maintained a very high attendance rate and good state, on the Maffra B season as a team midfielder played beat goals and assists in the league in scoring repeatedly. With the outstanding performance of pre-season period, to Loures after Cai Xinyu is expected in Portugal相关的主题文章: