The premier Mata shot his first goal for United bogeba 4-0 leading sports Sohu – half

The premier Mata shot his first goal for United bogeba 4-0 leading Sohu – half temporary sports Beijing time 19:30 on September 24th, 2016-17 season England Super League sixth round competition. Manchester United at Old Trafford home court against defending champion team in Leicester city. Match the first half, Manchester United 4-0 Leicester into halftime. Smolin, Mata, Rush Forde and Pogba each into a ball. Blinder’s left corner which instigated three goals. Although Manchester United in both the last 16 race clash in only 1 negative, but in the face of Ranieri Mourinho nearly 4 League dialogue is 2 flat 2 negative no victories, but Leicester city had 60 times at the only 6 wins, the last time in the dream theater win dates back to January 1998, then 8 times at Old Trafford 2 flat 6 negative. The campaign for the first time this season, Rooney sitting on the bench during the opening, to return to the first lingard, blinder at left back. The first half of the opening, Manchester United ball control rate is dominant, but the offensive rhythm is still not fast. Fourth minutes, blinder periphery long-range hit high. 3 minutes later, Ibrahimovic in the restricted area on the left side of a right foot fire fly out of the bottom line. With the deepening of the game, Leicester city also has an offensive, but Fuchs and Hu’s shot was directly blocked. Twenty-third minutes, blinder left corner, Smolin in the distal small edge of the area high Yueqi broke. Manchester United 1-0 lead. Twenty-fifth minutes, and set up a fast counter attack Manchester United, before Ibrahimovic left the ball after the ball game, but the rush to plug in the area, stopping in the general quality, in the face of zieler right foot shot fly. Then, bogeba big box header ferry, near the spot, rush barb lofted. Twenty-seventh minutes, he left rib cross behind the ball, Ibrahimovic inserted the chest to unload the ball after the right foot fire fly line. Even so, but the Manchester smooth or let the sidelines of Mourinho can not help but applaud. Thirtieth minutes, he left rib 32 meters outside the right foot a long shots, the ball was flying zieler seal the bottom line. Thirty-seventh minutes, Mata right ball, bogeba pick, lingard back ball, Mata ball lateral the ball in the middle 18 meters left a volley, the ball straight up in the lower left corner of the goal, Manchester United 2-0. But after a few minutes, Manchester United will expand the score to 3 goals. Fortieth minutes, blinder left corner raid made a low ball, horse in front of the tower is not adjusted directly to the door, close the right foot Rush Forde chanshe break three consecutive accomplishment, Manchester United 3-0. After Manchester United by another corner. Forty-second minutes, blinder left corner, bogeba area left corner high to head into the far corner in the first throw ball after Manchester United shirt. Match the first half, Manchester United 4-0 Leicester into halftime. Manchester United (4-2-3-1): 1- 17-, 12- Smolin, David De Gea blinder Bailey, 3- 25- Valencia 6- 21- Herrera 19-, bogeba rush, Ford 8- Mata, Asia相关的主题文章: