The second half is expected to continue to stride forward singing militant songs washing machine for w-inds.

Washing machine is expected in the second half to stride forward singing militant songs continued despite the appliance industry as a whole is still down, but the washing machine do not have industry experts expected sharp decline, but a steady rise in the overall sales of "stride forward singing militant songs". This year, 1-7 months washing machine steady in the industry online data show that in the first half of 2016, the total sales of washing machines 27 million 497 thousand and 300 units, an increase of 3.82%. Domestic sales of 18 million 998 thousand and 200 units, an increase of 4.34%; export sales of 8 million 499 thousand and 100 units, an increase of 2.67%. In fact, the two giants of the year can also be discerned in the semi annual report of Qingdao Haier, Haier washing machine business and a slight increase of 2.39%, gross margin of 33.58% leading industries, washing machine business of Midea Group is growing rapidly, washing machine and parts revenue than the same period last year growth of 30.52%. Although all achieved growth, but Haier is not very good performance. In this case, Haier said the first half is due to neglect of the low-end market, the drum washing machine has lost market share in the 2000 yuan price range; washing machine supply in 1200-1800 yuan price segment is insufficient. At this stage, Haier is making strategic adjustments. The second half will focus on enhancing the operating efficiency of the store and a rich product line, in the high-end products to intensify propaganda, strive for the high-end market with 30% market share, and the iterative series of products listed in the low-end market to achieve a breakthrough. As a group of washing machine main beauty, Three Little Swan development opportunities in the first half to seize the consumption upgrade, upgrading and expanding overseas, market share increased to 26.52%, and export revenue: synchronous development of domestic business income 5 billion 797 million yuan, an increase of 32.07%; export business income 1 billion 530 million yuan, an increase of 24.26%. Little Swan said that the second half will continue to increase R & D investment, continue to improve the proportion of high-end products, exports continue to expand the international market, strengthen their own brand promotion. By July, thanks to the company’s self adjustment, washing machine shipments continue to improve. Industry online data show: in July the total domestic washing machine sales 4 million 141 thousand units, an increase of 5.6%. Which domestic shipments of 2 million 677 thousand units, an increase of 6.3%. Export shipments of 1 million 464 thousand units, an increase of 4.2%. One of the two giant Haier, Midea reached more than 1 million sales in the domestic market, in which Haier to maintain the steady growth of the situation, with the growth of 20% attacking overseas markets; while the United States is the domestic market growth far exceeds the industry overall level, the strong expansion of market size. By upgrading and overseas opportunities are expected to continue to improve the industrial transformation and upgrading and overseas expansion is still the main theme of the industry. Washing machines in the domestic market has exceeded the average penetration of 76%, the town market is more than 96%. But as the middle class consumer groups continue to grow, the demand for high-end users, fashion, personalized and diversified trends, roller, large capacity, frequency conversion,相关的主题文章: