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The spare tire upstage! How do the Hulk with Aishen not Dashun Eriksson? [news] Greentown home court 1-2 enemy port Evra Ramon scored a penalty he used to building sports in September 18th if the Tencent AFC Champions League out Hong Kong Shanghai young must pay, then go back to the League to see this young team, we will find some defects of them, while the details determine success or failure, again put in Erickson before. The recent rumors, due to poor team performance on the Shanghai port is ready to replace Erickson, and do not say to see whether the change results from the Swedish coach, the team alone with Erickson will have a big problem. The club is shot very generous, the first is to build the team dug hole base, after this year to buy aierkesen enhance the team attack firepower, and two RPM during the "Hulk" airborne Shanghai, suddenly let the Hong Kong Shanghai lineup is more luxurious. Aishen and Hulk also need to run the problem this time has come, at the beginning of the season in Ji’an and aierkesen, Erickson struggling brains, ultimately due to injuries and the poor state of Ji’an, El Eriksson took back to the center position of the opportunity, and became the team’s top scorer, and "found" El Eriksson best position after the last piece of the puzzle to the port of Shanghai also announced the completion of. During this period, the team AFC Champions League and in super Triumphant news keeps pouring in. stride forward singing militant songs. However, with the Conca injured, Shanghai port began to decline, but the real problem is that after joining the Hulk, aierkesen use. This thorny issue was postponed indefinitely because of Hulk’s first show. But the recent Hulk comeback, people started to pay attention to the use of El Eriksson, Erickson was not willing to let any of them sitting on the bench, when combined when the "Hulk" + "Egyptian god" also appears in the stadium, El Eriksson was again at the expense of the wing. The lost area of El Eriksson, has already been confirmed that its power will be greatly reduced, because of the characteristics of El Eriksson is not scoring, and break in. The game of El Eriksson starting after the on rate is not too high, the main point of attack where he left the team is not. But with the end of the first half aierkesen injured exit, an embarrassing story begins. The bench Evra rush, he formed the team’s wings combination attack with Wu Lei, hulk and Zhong Lu Wen Jun after a previous continuous cruising in the hinterland of the opponent. This time the Hong Kong Shanghai offensive was strengthened, the game is the most powerful proof of just more than and 70 minutes, Hangzhou Greentown right back Cheng Mouyi legs cramp fell to the ground, resulting in Mouyi process turns to the impact so embarrassed because of Wu Lei and Evra, compared to early aierkesen, Wu Lei and Evra are technology and the speed of players and their breakthrough will give defenders caused great physical exertion, rather than as a "reckless El eriksson". May be very limited to cherish the opportunity to play, Aifulaben game again continued his good play, hulk of the danger to Hangzhou Greentown manufacturing into the door, and Evra was on hand to yijizhiming, to break the deadlock, and this is the Ivory Coast)相关的主题文章: