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The station attractions are   stores; Daoxiang "native place" – the food channel, resembles the original title: station attractions are shop Daoxiang "native place" "eleven" holiday, the public enemy zouqingfangyou love carry two snack box, tourists often choose to buy the specialty of Beijing daoxiaochun. Qianmen, Wangfujing, Beijing Railway Station, capital airport…… In the bustling area is full of shops daoxiangcun. However, reporters found that in these concentrated flow station attractions, eyeful is Suzhou daoxiaochun shop, Beijing daoxiaochun rare figure. Want to buy an authentic Beijing specialty, I did not expect to buy the wrong." The shop "origin" ones, tourists to buy muddleheaded, which has been for many years. We suspected "fake" Sue rice in embarrassment for many Beijing people, the village snack with the memories of childhood, "the box is opened, the selection of his favorite dive, then in the same box tied with strings, parents do not see." The old cadre Tian uncle who lives in the north gate to the altar said. But once a little they go to Wangfujing to buy a box of daoxiangcun snacks back, he does not feel the taste is too much, "a look at the results is a" fake ", is not used to eat Beijing daoxiaochun." In online forums, tourism Raiders, there are a lot of people, many tourists repeatedly reminded: Beijing must buy counterfeit daoxiangcun, pay more attention to, look for "Sanhe" trademark. However, according to the survey, in recent years, we claim to buy counterfeit daoxiangcun, real counterfeit trademark "Three Goods" only a very small proportion, mainly refers to the Suzhou village snack. The two village in Beijing now has blossom everywhere, in Tmall, Jingdong and other electronic business platform is always flourish. As the regular well-known brands, Suzhou daoxiaochun why repeatedly into "fake" embarrassment? Many consumers reflected in the "Sue rice" buy the cake sometimes taste good, sometimes dry and hard. "I remember the hawthorn is sweet and sour fruit daguokui should how the inside like red bean stuffing, like, not what the Hawthorn taste." Similar Tucao in the public comment online is not uncommon. The train station to get together to sell rice attractions Su yesterday afternoon, the reporter visited the Wangfujing, Beijing Railway Station and other downtown area, most shops are Suzhou Daoxiang village, Beijing village store location is a "low profile" in the community. In Wangfujing street as an example, there are nearly 10 shops selling snacks Daoxiang a pedestrian street just on the two of them are Suzhou daoxiaochun stores, shopping malls and other food for the rest of the Wangfujing Beijing specialty store, the store sold to Suzhou daoxiaochun foods. After repeated inquiries, the reporter found Beijing daoxiaochun counter in the basement of the Wangfujing Department store. The clerk said, in the pedestrian street, this is only an authentic Beijing daoxiaochun. "You can go to Dengshikou street to buy Beijing daoxiaochun, is a little more step." Who can think of Beijing daoxiaochun hidden in here!" Is buying snacks at the counter, said Ms. Wu, he is on the Internet to find the address,相关的主题文章: