The United States 2 years of women lose weight of 153 pounds lead to sagging chest sagging chest (vi jodie foster

The United States women’s 2 year weight loss of 153 pounds, cause skin flabby chest sagging American woman 2 years 153 kg weight loss cause skin flabby chest sagging American woman to spend 90 thousand pounds (about 790 thousand yuan) by gastric bypass weight loss success, but the body of excess skin and sagging breasts to her distress, she have surgery again. Finally get the perfect figure, rebirth. Georgia Ayers, 32 years old this year, from Washington state. Due to the hormone drop brought about by the slow metabolism, her weight reached 323 pounds (about 293 kg). After losing her diet on several occasions, in 2014, she decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Two years after the operation, Georgia through strict diet control and exercise eventually lost 169 pounds (about 153 however, speed weight loss also makes her skin becomes loose, chest began to droop, Georgia said he then like a bulldog, excess skin makes her body feel uncomfortable. In order to further improve the quality of life, Georgia decided to undergo surgery again. Through the abdominal surgery and breast fixation, her abdomen became compact, the chest also changed back to 32D. Initially, Georgia was determined to lose weight, because she didn’t want to be a forever aunt sitting on the sofa. Now, after a radical change in her life, she and her husband also want to have their own children. Recall the past, Georgia said, "I wish all the past did not happen. But now I don’t regret it, I’m glad I’ve overcome all the difficulties."相关的主题文章: