There is no loss of! The warriors slashed the odds to win the Second World War to your life-mentalist

There is no loss of! The warriors slashed the odds to win the Second World War to your life? The Warriors must defying the Beijing time on October 29th morning, the warriors will visit the pelican. The first defeat, let the warriors under tremendous pressure of public opinion. In order to dispel the doubts, the second round of fighting Warriors must not have any deviation. The warriors odds to win only 1 lost 1.17, compared to last year against the pelican game, the reduction is very obvious. The warriors ate a head-on blow now they must be very miss, Bogut rebounds and cover. Yingshang inside configuration, let the bright starlight warriors, seemed to float in midair, shaky. After a fall a reel, they found themselves standing on the edge of the cliff. Lose another game, ghosts know what they will be called public opinion. Tomorrow’s rival pelican is not a good deal, "Davies eyebrows brother" Anthony – for the Warriors is like a time bomb. Because the first, the injury with eyebrows brother explosive data show: 50 +16 +7 +5 +4 cap broken plate! Such a strong destructive force, it is the most dreaded warrior. His unstoppable odds company gave us some clues. In November 1st last year the beginning of the season, the home court against the warriors. At that time the warriors wins at odds of 1 / 1.50. A year later, the same is the beginning of the season, while vs is the pelican warriors, but wins the odds have been lowered to 1 / 1.17. The magnitude of this adjustment is worthy of attention. Over the same period the odds contrast probability of events is still hard to win the warriors, two games, let the new lineup of running into a virtuous cycle in. The company take the initiative to reduce the odds of winning odds, in order to control the cost of payment after. Prediction model of small intelligent Sina lottery developed independently, this game gives a more detailed analysis of big data. Click to view more forecast tomorrow! ]相关的主题文章: