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On what Mr. micro Journalism Education – the media – source: "Western Journal" in 2016 8 Abstract: in this paper, recall, carding and summarized what Mr. micro uphold the journalism education thought. Mr. ho believes that the news work rules in the teaching process to enable students to gradually understand, grasp and follow, can not be violated; false reports is a worldwide problem, should be strict with students, to prevent false news, false reports; theory from the history, attention to the rational summary of the new course of development of Chinese and foreign news physical; in the matter, in order to make the students do news work consciously abide by the law, strict doctrine, ethics in the reporter; speak the truth is the journalism the fundamental techniques and goal; narrative and comment is the basic form of news information, should pay attention to education and cultivating students’ narrative and ideographic, cannot have biased and so on. He’s the journalism education thought still has enlightenment. Keywords: how micro; journalism; ideological education; theory from the history; narrative and expressive and CLC number: G642 document code: B article number: CN61-1487- (2016) 08-2-0074-06 and micro believes that journalism rules in the teaching process to enable students to gradually understand, grasp and follow, can not be violated. Work on the news "principles" to give students clear analysis to very penetrating, this is "positive", mainly, but not enough. Also talk about the "negative", seems to be "secondary", but must speak, not to speak! What do you say? To violate the "principles", that is, to deviate from the profound lessons of Journalism and the law. Mr. He said, dialectical materialism and historical materialism is a science, it is an honest thing, not fake. Do not hold on to the news work, always follow the "principle", "violation of law" act will create problems, evil! After the founding of new China "big" dazibao "great debate" of "anti rightist" expansion, "Chekai eat food" and "upstairs downstairs, electric telephone" and "general line, the great leap forward and the people’s commune" three red flags "people’s communes" and "anti rightist" "four, four" Qing "socialist education movement", until "the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution" and "open criticism", "false, big and empty," said publicity, Ji Gong aggressive subjective propaganda, do not meet the objective reality, not realistic, causing public money, disregard for human life, is "how bold false grain yield, how much production of the" satellite "reported that the Xinyang area of Henan Province, hundreds of thousands of people starved to death! "Follow the trend" report, it is easy to make people lose their minds, contrary to the law, can not think independently. Requirement is consistent with the objective reality, consistent with dialectical materialism and historical materialism, because of news reports on "follow suit" propaganda "," big herd mentality brings big changes "for politics" and do not distinguish the authenticity, coverage, serious damage to the fundamental interests of the party and the country, these people, in violation of the "principle" (Law) the loss, don’t we eat less? Imitation of this kind of newspaper相关的主题文章: