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ThoughtWorks: graduates of the "death of mine" – the Sohu of science and technology in ancient Eastern kingdom of Azeroth, a man named "moonbrook village". Every player in the League of World of Warcraft has left a trail here, because there is a copy of the mine. When the league players out of the novice village, grow to 12, 3 or so, you can challenge the death of mine. There is a wealth of experience, a large number of gold coins and enough to make people reborn equipment. Players will generally choose to find a high level players with brush, 10, 20…… Even until level 20. But there are also a few game player, will be called 5 buddy, with the challenges of each boss, which carefully, but very enjoy said of an aged person…… If you just leave the campus of the university graduates compared to World of Warcraft’s human experience in the game player, Northshire Abbey (college course), the Alvin forest (a green hand company internship) the small try to kill Hoge (Thesis) to the hard-edged, sparsely handful of Wild West (Society), which is the next stop? Where you should upgrade equipment, practice, and where to learn skills and temper? Familiar with the old driver of the game will certainly say, brush the dead mine ah. Yes, as the beginning says, the copy of the mine is just for the players. So for graduates, what kind of companies have such an environment? As a work in ThoughtWorks three years old poet (ThoughtWorker), witnessed many graduates from the root to the process of barbaric growth at the end to bloom. I can responsibly say that ThoughtWorks is the "dead mine" of the graduates". Why? Because of her bones, elegant personal independence of conduct is the age of the Internet, a stream. ThoughtWorks University and the College of ThoughtWorks, the most attractive graduate University nothing more than TWU (ThoughtWorks). Each one came to ThoughtWorks graduates can go to India Pune to participate in the training for 5 weeks, and foreign colleagues who are intelligent, hard-working, passionate together, learning together the company culture, agile methodology and software development skills. The impact of different backgrounds and cultures can often produce unexpected chemical reactions. I have seen many graduates returning from TWU, and out of a butterfly. In addition, you can also participate in the serworld Institute (ThoughtWorks Academy) or ‘evening training, help you lay a solid foundation before the real project. At the end of the six week training camp in the summer camp, nearly 100 students completed an important lesson before entering the society. With an international perspective and perspective in ThoughtWorks, you will get other companies that are difficult to embrace s相关的主题文章: