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Topic: how to look at the works of Japan? At home, we are always able to hear such things as "just for kids.". However, I believe that all of you are old drivers, certainly from the mystery of the anime theme in Japan – was impressed? Although there are a lot of people think that the fan is very interesting, it is the conscience of the industry. But at the same time, there are a lot of people questioned. So in the end how should we look at Japan’s works? In today’s topic, let’s talk about it. [point of view: strong support, in the world to save the world] we all know, now the animation industry creators are not very happy. In addition to the treatment of suck, various restrictions on the theme, which aired, which one reason they bring good works. For example, now a large number of tables in some works, will be some benefits on the lens of various light shadow priests, sometimes people don’t even know what to see in. At the same time, the normal work no matter how tortuous process, and ultimately need to give us a relatively satisfactory outcome. If you get a negative energy news, netizens will be. Some time ago, "Xiong Wunv," the original outcome of such an attack encountered. But if you make it, you don’t need to worry about it. Although not explicitly named, but in the past many of them, in fact, is the dark side of the society has been deeply exposed and criticized. Many of us think that it may be just a fictional story, in fact, it may not be able to find a prototype. Some time ago the Japanese famous Keio University appeared no girls were miserable events, people are looking at in some tucao. What does this show? That is the only way to expose the truth! Thus, in some sense is not only to the old driver who provide casting material. It is in fact a lot of documentary, documentary, is about the ugly human nature, as well as the existence of the dark side of the world. Since we can allow so many critical realism works on the market, why should we look down upon it? So, in order to save the world. Only understand the inside, you know what the world is like. Especially for those who always aspire to the two dimension of the beautiful house, the so-called normal to the work will only make them misunderstand the world, they will really think that "beautiful girls will not go to the toilet.". [view two: there is a reasonable, I support in some] maybe a lot of people watching a view, think it’s "poker-faced to talk nonsense". However, they themselves are also a supportive attitude. There are many reasons to say the words, for example, if not in time, many older drivers may only from other aspects of looking for casting materials, and as a result, there will be no fans as "reserved". Therefore, although the influence of love action movies is greater, but we still need to thank a lot of contributions made by. But in addition to practicality, but now there are more and more people of insight that, in fact, is to promote the development of the animation industry is the key. In the process of the rise of Japanese animation, from Osamu Tezuka to Tengzi]相关的主题文章: