TV variety show aesthetic fatigue facing the shuffle of the original way to go ca1805

The TV variety show the aesthetic fatigue facing reshuffle original road to go – Beijing variety show the original road to go (deep focus) reporter Liu Yang   in recent years, the TV variety show is a hot spot of attention of the audience, is an important bargaining chip TV competition. However, although the market of Chinese TV variety show is hot, the original level of the domestic variety show has always been far away from the developed countries. Chinese TV variety show how the original road should go? This is not only an industry problem, but also a social management system engineering. Aesthetic fatigue come from domestic TV variety show is facing a new round of reshuffle. From 2012, "China’s good voice" in the first quarter of the broadcast began, the major domestic TV competition in the variety show more and more intense, the rapid increase in the number of variety shows. Data show that in 2015 there are more than and 200 stalls throughout the year variety show to enter the market, while the end of the third quarter of 2016, the number of TV shows broadcast has more than 200 files. At the same time, the market to the TV variety show as the core business of the enterprise is also more and more, from a few years ago to today’s two digit hundreds of domestic and foreign capital and talent to join the whole industry continues to grow. But the scale of the industry is not the same as the growth of market feedback straight higher. In contrast, this year’s TV variety show market, and did not appear a few years ago, "China’s good voice," where is the father, "run it! "Brothers" and other programs have been created ultra-high concern. Although "run"! Brother "continues to" run "," The Voice of China "original cast will also show the upgrade for" China new song ", but the ratings still in decline. In addition, many appear in this year’s new show star resources to attract fans, although all cast a variety of moves for publicity, but still ultimately mediocre results. Some people think that, the audience aesthetic fatigue on a variety show prominent gradually, TV market has entered a period of vacuum gap. But careful observation is not difficult to find, the so-called "aesthetic fatigue" is based on the current TV variety show on the basis of homogenization serious. Several years ago there are many industry insiders pointed out that the draft programme of the fire is competing for talent show, star survival experience show the fire on the herd star survival experience shows, blindly follow the trend will lead to the highly similar market weakness. This prophecy is being confirmed. But because of the late development of domestic TV industry, various television programs and production company R & D and production capacity is limited, the madness of ratings and the pursuit of economic benefits directly to the introduction of foreign models become the fashion industry. TV and the introduction of the company’s money, money and television companies simply imitate, the original strength of China’s TV variety show when to get exercise and growth, and become the focus of social debate. In order to improve the level of the original domestic TV variety show, the State Press and Publication Administration in recent years issued a series of policies and measures, and one of the most demanding, than in June this year issued "on the"相关的主题文章: