Two Local Teens Make Top 10 In Duct Tape .petition-aizi

Writing-Articles Typical cheap prom dresses and tuxedos are created from luxurious, expensive fabrics, but the material chosen to design one local couple’s outfit proved to be far from the norm. Nasia Thibodeaux and Caine Latiolais, recent graduates from St. Martinville Senior High, took ingenuity and originality to another level by constructing their prom attire solely from duct tape. Rosalind Thibodeaux, Nasia’s mother, discovered Stuck at Prom, a .petition by Duck brand duct tape, which dares students to produce their cheap wedding dresses and tuxedos from duct tape. "When I called Caine’s mom to tell her about it, she thought I was crazy," Rosalind said. Nasia and Caine accepted the challenge willingly. "No one has ever done it at my school before," Nasia said. Because of their ingenious designs, the two landed in the top 10 of the .petition, for which they each received a $500 scholarship, and the school was granted $500 as well. The creative pair said they hope to win the contest, but the public will decide the winners. "You are allowed to vote once a day, every day, until the end," Rosalind said. According to Duck brand duct tape’s website, voting began June 18 and will end July 11. The winning couple will be announced July 12. First place winners will receive $5,000 each, second place $3,000 each and third place $2,000 each. Although making duct tape garments may seem like a fun crafts project, it took a lot of hard work and dedication. Nasia and Caine embarked on the fashionable journey shortly after Christmas 2011, Rosalind said. Nasia said, in the beginning, it was difficult to find a design that worked with duct tape. "We had a few mess ups," Nasia said. "We tried to make fabric out of the duct tape, but it did not work out at all." The peacockinspired dress came from Nasia’s design. "I played with it until I found something I liked," Nasia said. "I also wanted a train like an actual peacock." Nasia attached duct tape to a tablecloth for the top of the dress and used a hoop skirt for the base. Caine used an old suit purchased from Goodwill as the basis of his outfit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: