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U.S. media said Trump violated the embargo make its companies to do business in Cuba, the original title: U.S. media said Trump violated the embargo make its companies do business in Cuba in September 30, according to U.S. media reports, the American "Newsweek" reported that the U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump’s private companies suspected of doing business in Cuba, break the U.S. trade embargo against cuba. Its opponent, the Democratic candidate Hilary refers to its alleged violation of U.S. law. Reported that the company invested at least $68 thousand in Cuba in 1998. In this regard, spokesman Trump (Kellyanne Conway), said the money is not paid, I am also opposed to doing business in cuba. Data figure: Trump, the United States, Newsweek said that Trump’s company through an American consulting firm to transfer funds to make it look more legitimate. Hilary said: "our country according to the law. And Trump tried to move into the Cuban market, is to put its commercial interests in the United States before the law. His business under the law is to put his personal and business interests on American law, standards and policies." From Florida Cuban American senator Rubio (Marco Rubio) said: "they must respond, I mean, if it occurs, is a violation of us law." Previously, Rubio also expressed support for Trump. Data figure: Trump and Hilary, it is understood that the "business weekly" the front page quoted Trump, former director of the company and the company records said Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, was sent to Havana by a local consulting firm to seek business opportunities. "Business weekly", said Trump, the executive hidden this money in the name of a Catholic charity origin, and let the consultancy Havana performance associated with the organization looks right and proper. Reported that, if the consulting company in the United States without the permission of the government, in the trip to spend money in Havana, broke the U.S. embargo against cuba. Even if relations between the United States and Cuba begin to pick up, the embargo is still valid. Trump told the American Broadcasting Company spokesman Kang Wei day ago responded: "based on my understanding of the reports, they are paid in 1998. But did Trump’s Hotel invest in Cuba for 98 years? No." In addition, Trump’s campaign team did not issue other statements. Conway quoted Trump to Cuba on criticism and support for the embargo. It is reported that in 1999, the Miami Herald, a column, Trump said he was not interested in doing business in cuba. "It will help me with the United States long isolation field · Castro’s policy is inconsistent. For me, it’s a business decision to do business with cuba." Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: