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The NSA hacking tools were exposed Snowden former colleagues arrested original title: U.S. National Security Bureau leaked Snowden arrested a former colleague cctv.com news: Recently, the U.S. National Security Bureau once again got into trouble. In mid August, a group of hackers in the online public auction of the U.S. national security agency network attack code, then the FBI arrested a U.S. National Security Agency contractor accused him of stealing top secret government information and government property. The suspect named Harold · Thomas · Martin III, aged 51, living in the United States of Maryland, is the U.S. National Security Agency contractor Booz Alan employees. Booz Alan to help build and operate the NSA most sensitive network operations, Snowden was also the company’s employees. According to a report No. 5 U.S. Department of justice Martin for the criminal indictment, Martin was arrested in August 27th at home, and found a copy of the text and digital document the U.S. government highly confidential documents, including 6 copies of sensitive information". The indictment says "this information is critical to a range of national security issues". Martin by the theft of government property and unauthorized removal or storage of highly confidential documents two charges, such as the crime, may be sentenced to imprisonment for 10 years. NSA cyber warfare hacking tool was exposed the indictment did not specify the specific documents involved in the case of Martin and the motive of the alleged theft of documents by Martin. However, a number of local media in the United States have pointed out in the report, Martin was arrested in fact related to the recent U.S. National Security Agency hacking tools leaked. About two weeks before Martin was arrested, some hacking tools used by the U.S. National Security Agency is claiming to be "the shadow broker group leaked to the Internet auction. Many experts believe that these hacking tools are real, designed to invade other countries’ computer networks. After the arrest of Martin, the indictment did not mention the relationship between him and the hacker organization, nor will he like Snowden was indicted on espionage charges. American officials are not willing to disclose the name of Martin said, not in line with the general definition of the so-called "ghost", it is unclear whether he like Snowden, a political motive. Snowden said he suspected that the United States and the shadow broker event and the Democratic National Committee are black upgrade linked to foreign intelligence than the attempt to attempt, may want to be responsible for Russia to circumstantial evidence. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: